New Comics Roundup for June 26th, 2019

Yeeeeehaaaaaw pardnahs! It’s Wednesday and that means its New Comics Day!

There’s a whole herd of new comics out on the ponderosa this morn, and here’s Roy with a list of new single issue lil’ doggies from the good folk at

-Action Comics #1012
-Batman Beyond #33
-Batman: Damned #3
-Books of Magic #9
-Detective Comics #1006
-Dial H for Hero #4
-The Flash #73
-High Level #5
-Justice League Dark #12
-Martian Manhunter #6
-The Silencer #18
-The Terrifics #17
-Wonder Woman #73

I’m saddling up the horse most especially for new tales from the frontiers of Action Comics, 'Tec and JLD. The Flash and Silencer are good folks, while The Terrifics are indeed a wild bunch (momentarily envisions a Sam Peckinpah directed Terrifics movie).

What are you lookin’ to lasso up this week from DC and beyond?


Will enjoy
Dial H
Justice League Dark

Buy only to keep current
Action Comics
Batman Damned bad reviews
Wonder Woman fill in by Orlando

Mixed feeling
Books Of Magic
Martian Manhunter


Justice League Dark
Detective Comics
Action Comics
Wonder Woman
The Terrifics
The Flash
Batman Damned

Are the comics I shall be reading this week

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For anyone who read Justice League Dark. Where you able to Interpret Zantana’s spells correctly. She is not just saying them backwards

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@AP I haven’t read it yet, but now my curiosity for it is elevated. I’ll LYK.

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Couple days late picking up my saver this week. But I got:

·Usagi Yojimbo #1 ( just moved to IDW and is in full color now)
·Ascender #3 (still finishing Descender haha but ready to go on the sequel series)
·War of the Realms #6 (got skipped on #3 and waiting for re-order still)
·And the “True Believers” $1 line Marvel’s been doing. This one the first appearance of Mysterio. Collecting them for a work thing; manager and I are putting together a comic selection for the restaurant where I work. Giving up some doubles and buying this dollar line of cool Spidey keys.