New Comics Roundup For June 19th, 2019

Greetings comics fans!

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s New Comics Day! Here’s a list of the brand new single issue goodness for this week from

-American Carnage #8
-Aquaman #49
-Batman #73
-Goddess Mode #6
-Justice League #26
-Lucifer #9
-MAD Magazine #8
-Nightwing #61
-Pearl #10
-Scooby Doo, Where Are You? #99
-Superman: Year One #1
-Teen Titans #31

I’m excited for:

-Aquaman #49
-Justice League #26
-Superman: Year One #1 (“It’s Miller Time!”)

From DC and beyond, what brand new comics are you looking forward to this week?


Will Enjoy
American Carnage

Dont understand sometimes
Justice League

Read just to Stay Current

Superman Year One

Hit or Miss
Teen Titans

Whoops! I missed Superman Year One! Will make a second trip to the LCS just for that. Didn’t look at the rack, just snagged the saver. Thought it was suspiciously DC absent.

Pull list this week:
Invisible Kingdom
Gideon Falls
Little Bird - my new favorite book. Ian Bertram is killing it. Some of these pages are shades of Moebius. Not to be missed!

Also bought Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire who has many comics in the library here like Animal Man Green.Arrow Justice League Dark 2011 and just left the Terrifics

His Black Hammer titles are incredible.

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I got Prodigy last week. It is end of arc and as always great.

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Still waiting for Wonder Woman #56 and the rest of the witching hour event

@Turok Huge Lemire fan myself. Agreed that Black Hammer is outstanding. Golden Gail is no joke one of my favorite superheroes now. Been collecting the trades on Hammer, however, so a bit behind.
And Prodigy has been great fun. All my roommates are reading it too, which should say a lot. I leave comics around all the time, and they don’t always stick, but peeps are digging Prodigy. Sounds like my shop hit me a week late however haha

I dug Superman: Year One #1 quite a bit.

I’m curious what others have to say.

Was Superman: Year One really necessary?

I haven’t read it but it’s seems to me the selling point of this is Frank Miller’s name, and not the re-telling Superman’s origins. There’s no point of re-telling Supes origin again.

Agreed Supermans origin has been done to death between him and Spider-Man I think we could do without another origin story…but I’m interested in seeing Frank Miller’s take on it.

(trying to be spoiler-free)
@Vroom I enjoyed Superman Year One quite a bit. The art is absolutely fantastic. I think it’s some of Romita’s best work ever. The end of Kick-Ass was getting a little too “loose” for me, but this rocks. He seems to be realizing Miller layouts (that’s what it feels like) and the combination is absolutely out of this world bonkers! The story seems to require a familiarity with the legend, so it’s an interesting update. Also, Miller’s storytelling is surprisingly on point considering the past couple decades. That does make one scene with Lana a tad jarring (no spoilers) in that it seems to go full-Miller out of nowhere. It didn’t seem to fit tone-wise. The rest had felt pretty all ages, even with the Miller/Romita visual intensity, until that thing happens. But the terseness of his prose is used to great effect once again, and the running monologue gives Superman a very different perspective than we’re used to. He doesn’t seem wanting to fit in with Smallville, that sense of destiny, he’s meant for something larger (kind of like Donner’s Superman) overshadows any ‘humanity’ of the character. Because he’s not human. He’s a god-alien who fell from the sky and performed wonders.

Wow, that turned into an essay. I think I’m digging it so far. One scene made me uncomfortable, but worth checking out for the art alone! Thanks for reminding me it was out!