New Comics Roundup for June 12th, 2019

Hello, and Happy Wednesday aka New Comic Day!

The official start of summer is almost here (June 21st, FYI), so what better way to beat the Apokolips-esque heat in advance than by curling up with fresh, brand new comic books?

From, here’s a list of this week’s fresh ink in single issue form:

-Batman and The Outsiders #2
-The Batman Who Laughs #6
-Catwoman #12
-Detective Comics #1005
-Event Leviathan #1
-The Flash #72
-Hawkman #13
-House of Whispers #10
-Justice League Odyssey #10
-Red Hood: Outlaw #35
-Supergirl #31
-Superman #12
-Wonder Twins #5
-Wonder Woman #72

I’m most excited for:

-Superman #12
-Event Leviathan #1
-Batman and The Outsiders #2
-Hawkman #13
-Justice League Odyssey #10

My Cover of The Week nominations:

-Catwoman #12
-Justice League Odyssey #10
-Superman #12

What’s your Cover of The Week nomination? It can be from DC or any other publisher (within the Community Guidelines of course)?

Quite a week in the funny books! What are YOU excited for from DC and beyond this week? Sound off below kiddos!


Will Enjoy
Hawkman absolutely excellent issue
Flash this issue is good

On the Fence
Batman and the Outsiders
Justice League Odyssey much better with new author
House of Whispers better than usual
Detective Comics
Red Hood and the Outlaws

Not so Good this issue
Wonder Twins

Read to Keep Current
Batman who Laughs
Event Leviathan
Supergirl same story as Superman not done as well
Superman, actually not Bad
Wonder Woman not good so far

Guys… Hawkman is just… so, so good. I love it.


Superman #12 was pretty darn good IMO. I really enjoyed the family dynamic and the emphasis on it throughout the whole issue.

Event Leviathan #1 was interesting. No spoilers.

Batman and The Outsiders #2 was fun. Its only two issues, but I love this series so far!


Had a short saver stack this week. Just the event series. Real curious where Bendis is going with Leviathan. Seems like Aaron is starting to run on fumes with his Marvel work, however. Hope he can get back to Southern Bastards soon. Or DC can take another great writer from Marvel!

Ive only recently started to catch up with a few current series while simultaneously catching up on several Rebirth series. So, Im only buying comics I really want to read otherwise Ill wait for them to go on DCU or Comixology Unlimited.

My picks for this week:

-Hawkman- This and Green Lantern are probably my favorite DC books out right now.
-Detective Comics- seriously, Tomasi is killing it right now. Excellent follow up to Tynions great run.
-The Batman Who Laughs- Snyder and Jock. Nuff said.
-Wonder Woman- I really like G. Willow Wilson. Her Ms. Marvel was such a breakout hit and I like what shes been able to do with Diana.

Also, I have other picks from other publishers so Im curious if most of you are strictly DC readers or if you also have picks from Image/Marvel/etc


@MajorZuma You’re more than welcome to highlight your non-DC picks if you like.

All comics are welcome in the Roundup.


@MajorZuma The majority of my saver is non Big 2. Just had a light week this week, but wallet’s happy!

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@MajorZuma I’m starting to love G Willow Wilson as well, off of Miss Marvel and Invisible Kingdom. Need to catch up on her WW, however. When I finish (or get tired of) King’s Batman I’m going to start her WW.

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My picks of the week from other publishers:

Silver Surfer: Black by Donny Cates
Darth Vader: Dark Visions by Hopeless
God of War (graphic novel, not single issue) by Chris Roberson
Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing
Sonata #1 by Brian Haberlin
Oblivion Song by Robert Kirkman

Fun week!


@DeadmanBrand Honestly the whole Wonder Woman series is really good. Greg Rucka had an amazing run from Rebirth. Wonder Woman has been one of the most consistently high quality titles at DC since the New 52 with Brian Azzarello’s run imo.


Most exciting thing I picked up today from the comic book store wasn’t even a comic

It was illustrator Stanley Artgerm Lau Poster Portfolio 20 Stunning covers

Jim Lee’s is coming out in a few months

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@DeadmanBrand and MajorZuma If you’re enjoying G. Willow Wilson and haven’t already read it, check out her Vixen: Return of the Lion mini-series. Its very good.

@AnimalPerson That Artgerm portfolio sounds neat. Are the covers removable for framing or is it a standard art book?


Yup they all can be framed

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Sweet. I thought they could be.

I’ll have to look at that Jim Lee book when it comes out.

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@Vroom Hmm…think I’ll read that next time I need a Bat-Break. Thanks for the recommendation!

@MajorZuma Definitely gonna read WW. TBH, I just don’t really like Azzarello for some reason. 100 Bullets cool, but everything else, even his Hellblazer stuff, I just can’t get with. Read the first arc of N52 and put it down. Cliff Chiang is excellent, however. Love his stuff on Paper Girls, which is wrapping, so curious to hear what his next project will be…

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@Deadmanbrand I get that. Everyone has their own personal preference. And I think a lot of the bigger name writers are usually pretty divisive among the fans. Like when Bendis signed on for Superman and there was a whole wave of upset Superman fans, yet Bendis’s Superman has been great.

Also glad to hear Wonder Twins and Dial H got extensions to 12 issues, thats always the best news to hear.


@MajorZuma That’s quite the extension for Wonder Twins and Dial H. They must be doing quite well to get that kind of extension.

Anyone have a New Book of The Week yet? Superman #12 and Hawkman #13 are my contenders so far.

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For DC: Hawkman. Though I really like the other books I picked up, Hawkman is one of the best titles out right now.

For Marvel: Immortal Hulk. Important issue and just absolutely amazing.

For Other: God of War trade. Im biased cause I really liked the game and this book was set in the same world. Really good.

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