New Comics Roundup for July 24th, 2019

It’s that time again…back to school shopping! Whoopy! Time to buy packs, pants, pencil pouches, pencils and protractors! record scratch noise Nah, **** that noise! It’s time to talk new comics (take that Ms. Henchcriz :stuck_out_tongue: )!

Courtesy of those dope kids at, here’s an on-time for school curriculum of new single issues from DC this week that are sure to be da’ bomb and totes lit, yo:

-Action Comics #1013 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Batgirl #37 (YOTV)
-Batman Beyond #34
-Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1
-Books of Magic #10
-Detective Comics #1008 (YOTV)
-Dial H for Hero #5
-The Flash #75 (YOTV)
-Freedom Fighters #7
-Justice League Dark #13 (YOTV)
-Looney Tunes #250
-Martian Manhunter #7
-The Terrifics #18 (YOTV)
-Wonder Woman #75 (YOTV)

What brand new comics from DC and beyond will YOU be reading in class this week?


Will Enjoy
Batman White Knight
Dial H for Hero
Freedom Fighters
Justice League Dark

Some Good, Some Bad
Books of Magic
Martian Manhunter

Buy only to Stay Current
Action Comics
Batgirl (New Writer Cecil)
Detective Comics
Wonder Woman

Hopeful Marvel
House Of X
Valkyrie Jane Foster

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Having read my non favorites

Flash better than expected, as was Detective

With Cecil (Female Furies) as the new author, I can safely take the title off my pull list for the foreseeable future. It is only 3.99 a month, but it great to be rid of a comic, finally.

On the Marvel side, i won’t be following Fearless but

House of X has incredible world building. Everything DC Immortal Men should have been, and Planetary was.

There was a lot of text that I couldnt read with my limited vision. But i think it is the rational for the various xmen books, each with their own members and mission.

The pick of the week.

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@Turok Wow, high praise for that X-book to be on the same level as Planetary. Very high praise.

It sounds, to quote Arte Johnson (of TV’s Laugh-In and the voice of Verman Vundabar on Justice League Unlimited) “very interesting”.

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