New Comics Roundup for July 17th, 2019

Happy Wednesday folks! In our circle of geekdom, we know Hump Day better as New Comic Day!

Here’s a handy checklist of the New Newness in single issues from DC this week, courtesy of

-Aquaman #50 (Year of The Villain tie-in)
-Batman #75
-Collapser #1
-Jimmy Olsen #1
-Justice League #28 (Year of The Villain tie-in)
-Lucifer #10
-Nightwing #62 (Year of The Villain tie-in)
-Pearl #11
-Teen Titans #32 (Year of The Villain tie-in)
-Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1

I’m in for Jimmy Olsen #1 and Justice League #28.

So, what are you looking forward to from DC and beyond on SDCC Eve? Kermit sure looks excited for new comics, doesn’t he? He’s cute.



Buy Only to keep current
Uncanny X men end of series

Will enjoy

Jimmy Olsen
Wonder Woman
House of X Preview free

Often confusing
Justice League

Teen Titans

Batman #75 is also a YOTV tie-in. But it’s basically this:

Lex: Okay, what do you want?

Bane: Make sure the government doesn’t interfere with what I’m doing in Gotham.

Luthor: Done.

Bane: Okay, what do YOU want?

Luthor: Tell me why you’re doing all… this.

Bane: I hate Batman.

Luthor: Ah.

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Picked up:
Gideon Falls #15
Little Bird #5 (the final issue! This series has been so amazing!)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest #6 LOEG is officially over, and Alan Moore is now officially ‘retired’, for whatever that’s worth. TBH this Tempest has lost me. Was still on board through Century and the Nemo one shots, but really not sure what to make of Tempest yet. Need to re-read from the beginning.

Aquaman #50
Justice League # 28
Night Wing #62
Batman #75
Teen Titans#32
Justice Society of America Book 3

And a dozen more from pass 2 weeks Because some times life gets in the way of reading comic books

@HCQ I had an inner inkling that Batman #75 would have something to do with YOTV. That’s good to know it is.

Anyone read Jimmy Olsen yet? It was a gas.