New Comics Roundup for July 10th, 2019

Howdy ho Ranger Joe, it’s Wednesday and that means brand new comics! What’s that Knox, you smell fresh ink? Oh, you’re just too much fun. You enjoy that grant buddy.

Courtesy of, here’s a handy checklist of what’s cooking for new single issues from DC this week:

-Batman #74
-Batman and the Outsiders #3 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Batman: Universe #1
-Catwoman #13 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Detective Comics #1007
-Event Leviathan #2
-The Flash #74
-Hawkman #14 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-House of Whispers #11
-Justice League Odyssey #11 (Year of the Villain tie-in
-Naomi #6
-Red Hood: Outlaw #36 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Supergirl #32 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Superman #13 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Wonder Twins #6
-Wonder Woman #74
-Young Justice #7

I’m especially jazzed for the new issues of Superman, Batman and the Outsiders, Event Leviathan and Naomi (#6 is the last issue for a while).

From DC and beyond, what new comics are you excited for this week?


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Will enjoy
Black Hammer Justice League (Jeff Lemire)
Savage Sword of Conan

Young Justice
Invisible Woman.

Dont Understand
House of Whispers

Batman and the Outsiders

Buy only to Stay Current
Event Leviathan
Wonder Twins
Justicw League Odyssey
Red Hood Outkaws

The long list of buying only to stay current saddens me. I am not enjoying these comics

Black Hammer Justice League is an excellent setup for the series but nothing more.

Forgot Wonder Woman, which is still going nowhere.

As for Batman remember horrible children book? It’s back

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Hawkman continues to rule. Excited to see Venditti and company flesh out Shadow Thief the way they have Carter. Making him a guy who Thieves Shadows is a cool start.

Love seeing my boy Q all over Event Leviathan.

Young Justice is just as goofy as the original 90s series. I love it.


Just finished the 20 comics I bought this week, from 5 am on.

Young Justice is my pick of the week.

Over at Marvel, I liked the plot of Invisible Women as a spy. Her power set is incredible.
Invisiblity to herself and others, force field, which she can also use as a form of telekinesis.

Conan as a bodyguard/gambler was great too.

I read Detective two hours ago and I remember nothing about it. All the other stories I can, which puts it on the bottom of my list this week.

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This is a heavy week for me. I’m actively trying to drop books due to budget and time. But I’m adding two on this week… so… so much for that.

Batman #74
Naomi #6
Supergirl #32
Superman #13
Wonder Twins #6
Young Justice #7

Black Hammer/Justice League #1. The Black Hammer world continues to be my favorite thing in comics right now. Very excited about this crossover.

Second Coming #1. Mark Russell’s book that was dropped by DC/Vertigo finally gets a home at AHOY Comics. As with all Mark Russell books these days, this should be super fun.

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JUST Bought Second Coming.

Thank for telling me that it was published this week.

Getting great reviews.

Light week for me. Event Leviathan #2 (tad confused, not gonna lie) & Black Hammer/Justice League #1 (good, but just a set-up).

Superman #13 was a tad disappointing. Great cover, but the inside story was a bit different (no spoilers). Decent enough ish.

Young Justice #7 and Event Leviathan #2 were very good. Very curious where things will go in EL #3.

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