New Comics Roundup for August 14th, 2019

Yee-haw buckaroos and pardnahs! It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time again for signals the rustlers for a roost NEW COMICS!

Via, here are the Newest of the New single issues from DC Comics for this week. They’re sure to be full of adventure, fun, pep and…moxie!

-Batman and the Outsiders #4 (Year of the Villain tie-in)
-Batman: Universe #2
-Catwoman #14 (YOTV)
-Collapser #2
-Detective Comics #1009 (YOTV)
-Event Leviathan #3
-The Flash #76 (YOTV)
-Hawkman #15 (YOTV)
-Justice League Odyssey #12 (YOTV)
-Titans: Burning Rage #1
-Wonder Woman #76 (YOTV)

What new comics from DC and beyond are you going to ride into town for and lasso into your mitts this week?


Will Enjoy
Red Sonja
Black Hammer/Jusrice League
Gideon Falls Lemire

Justice League Odyssey new writer
Event Leviathan
Wonder Woman in Themyscira

House of Whisper.

Detective Comics.
Batman & the Outsiders

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Missed last week so had a double batch waiting for me this week:

Event Leviathan #3
Black Hammer/Justice League #2
The Green Lantern #10
Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #5
Space Bandits #2
Gideon Falls #16

Think I might have missed a couple things…
Back ordered Berserker Unbound (sold thru, go Lemire!) and might have missed Sea of Stars #2

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@DeadmanBrand What’s Space Bandits about (besides bandits in space) ?

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@Vroom hahaha yeah kinda nailed it tho! It’s a Millar book, so it’s very tight and too the point. The best damn space bandits in the business get double-crossed by their crews and are out for revenge. While this Netflix round of Millar books is starting to verge on a tad generic, simple genre mash-ups, I’ve always just really admired the nuts and bolts of his writing. While not always the deepest, his grasp of plotting, structure, (quick) characterization, etc. He gets a lot done every 24 pages. Anyways, it’s not bad, but kind of middle of the round for him now. Better than Sharkey, however. That one kind of missed me, but still read it.

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@DeadmanBrand Ah, a Millar book eh? Interesting. I’ll take a look at it.

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