New comics on DC Universe for 9/23/18

Hey, I’m working on creating a system that lets me know everything that’s been added to the service. But I’m only halfway through the new system. More comics were likely added but this is what I have for this week

New updates fo 9/23
4 new issues of Detective comics can’t tell where though
Batman (2010) was removed (4 issues)
Batman beyond (1999) got 18 more issues
Detective comics feat. Man-bat full run is up (4 instead of 1)
Justice league (2016) #1 is available now

Also when I finish a doc with everything I’ll make the link accessible to everyone

Also I run the DC Universe Book Club Discord, people can talk there about the service, and the server is growing! Link:



Sorry about the format!!! I’ll fix it next time!! Turns out DC Universe can’t register an enter sign when copy and pasted…

good idea

This is awesome. Thanks for doing this!

Of course. Working on making it more thorough but im glad I’m doing it. Please comment on here to keep it visible for other people!!!


Launching it back to the top of the lists. Unfortunately, it is not really a thread for people to comment on…

^ my apologies!!!

Any advice on how to keep it up there?

You’re the real MVP. Good to know things are already being added!


Breaking New DC Universe has 2644 comics total

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