New Comics January 15 2020

DC Comics link

Has Last Week.and New Week links on top of page

Comic Book Publishers listed alphabetically

If members want I can do this every week

DC comics only link. In list did not work got 505 errot

I have gotten MY SQL errors on.this
Wait and retry
too many connections was error

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Thanks for the list

I’ll be getting Vic Sage (great) and Masters of the Multiverse (not impressed so far).

I am also considering taking a look at Dungeons & Dragons.

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Bought 18 comics
DC Universe. 11
DC Sandman. 1
DC Joe Hill Horror. 1
Marvel. 1
Other. 4

Will Enjoy

Bettie Page: Unbound (Sci fi 50s fluff strong heroine)
Freedom Fighters end of mini
Jimmy Olsen
Justice League Odyssey.
Valkyrie: Jane Foster
Vampirella/Red Sonja fluff

Not Read Series Yet Waiting for More Issues / Time to Read Slowly

The Batman’s Grave
Legion of Super-Heroes
The Low, Low Woods
The Question
Undiscovered Country


The Flash
Teen Titans

Not Easy to Understand


Dislike Arc Intensely -:

Flash Forward

I use this site to see what’s new every week and to generate my pull list:

I’m 100% on the app though and it isn’t availiable on iPhone so I posted a link to the web site.

You need to start an account to genwrate a pull list but I’ve been using it over a year and have never been asked for money.