New Comics for the week of 9/26

New This week 9/29
Action Comics (1939) received 10 new issues
The Adventures of Superman 1-10 and its annual are out
Arkham Asylum: Living Hell received 1 new issue
Aquaman: Rebirth #1 is out now
Batman 1940 lost 3 issues
Batman the dark knight returns lost 3 issues
Crisis on Infinite Earths received 3 new issues
Green Lantern (1990) is up but only 1 issue
Justice League International received 2 issues
Mystery In Space lost 3 issues
Newstime: the life and death of Superman #1 is up
Supergirl/team Luthor #1 is available
Supergirl (2016) #1 is available
Superman (1989) is out with 9 issues
Superman The man of steel gained 10 issues
The Brave and the bold received 5 issues

Also, I can always have misrecorded something so this isn’t a definitive list
Also, go join the DCU book club discord where I update this list continually

That’s all this week! Go check out Aquaman: Rebirth #1 I think its the perfect read!


Why were Dark Knight Returns and Year One taken away?? I hate the idea of comics having a limited release on here.

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I think its partly about server space, but i don’t know

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When do new comics come?

Throughout the week but I post them the new ones on Saturday.

The Dark Knight Returns is still here. And so is Batman year one.