New Comics for the Week of 11/13/19: What'd Ya Get?


Happy Wednesday/New Comics Day kidz! :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::sparkler::partying_face:

Here’s a few highlights for this week:

  1. Event Leviathan #6

The mystery is over, and we finally know who Leviathan is. Did you guess correctly or were you surprised at the face under the mask?

  1. Superman #17

Will Clark reveal the truth in this issue? Read on to find out!

  1. Far Sector #1

The first Green Lantern tale from the Young Animal line, written by N.K. Jemisin, and featuring art by Jamal Campbell of Naomi fame. If you’re a fan of Naomi, you’re likely to enjoy the look of this book, which also sports a pretty interesting story.

  1. The Dollhouse Family #1

Joe Hill’s burgeoning Hill House imprint continues, with it’s second book. Are you into this imprint and wanting more after Basketful of Heads #1?

  1. Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night

The Black Lanterns won! What’s Sinestro to do?! Also featuring Dove, Lobo and Mister Miracle!

Those are but a few highlights of this week’s books. From DC and beyond, what brand new comics are YOU looking forward to this week?

Happy New Comics Day!


I got Event Leviathan (which was just as bad as the rest of the miniseries). Bendis hasn’t been on a roll with me lately. I am getting tired with him leaving the place in a worse state than he found it and his portrayal of characters missing the spot over and over. I did a Bendis purge of my pull list today. Everything except Superman is out from now on, and Superman is hanging by a thread.

Also got Superman which I think was both hit and miss. Art was really nice and it had its moments in the writing as well.

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I picked up Far Sector, Doll House, and Tales from the Dark Multiverse. Only had a chance to read Far Sector so far, though, and it was excellent.


Oh, appreciate the reminder. Comixology didn’t have the new stuff posted yet when I checked around 9 am Eastern today. Far Sector for sure, and maybe Undiscovered Country from last week…

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@coville I liked Superman #17, but it felt like last week’s issue of Young Justice: the cover advertises something cool…and then it’s just something that briefly gets a mention at the end of the issue.

It’s just like the issues of Superman whose covers trumpeted the defeat of Rogol Zaar, only to then say at the end “Next: Rogol Zaar…defeated!”. Getting strung along gets annoying after a while.

Regarding Event Leviathan, I was surprised at the reveal of Leviathan’s identity. As a whole, the title was uneven, but I found enough to like about it (except the scene in #6 where Superman’s emblem is missing from the front of his suit). Maleev’s art fit the tone of the book, but it was inconsistent in spots, and downright murky and messy in others.

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JL Odyssey
Batman & the Outsiders
Wonder Woman
Gotham City Monsters
Detective Comics
Dollhouse Family
Sea of Stars
Family Tree
Far Sector
The Batman’s Grave
Event Leviathan
Black Hammer/ Justice League
Usagi Yojimbo

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Will Enjoy
Black Hammwr Justice League
Gideon Falls
Savage Sword of Conan

Batman’s Grave
Doctor Mirage
Fallen Angels
Family Tree
Far Sector
Justice League Odyssey
The Dollhouse
X men

Batman and the Outsiders
Event Leviathan
Gotham City Monsters

Not Easy to Understand
House of Whispers

Much Worse than Peak
Detective Comics
Wonder Woman

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