New Comics For The Week of 1/22/20: What'd Ya Get?

Happy New Comics Day! :confetti_ball: :champagne:

Here are some highlight’s from this week’s new releases:

  • Wonder Woman #750 is here! :partying_face: Will you be taking part in Diana’s new legacy numbered adventures?

  • Superman #19 sees The Man of Steel facing a world that now knows who he truly is. How will his revelation impact his world and those within?

  • Batman #87 features Cheshire, Deathstroke and The Riddler, oh my! What designs does acclaimed writer James Tynion IV have on them all?

  • Shazam! #10: Holy Moley, a new issue of Shazam! Feel the magic and say the word!

  • Metal Men #4: The magnificently metal adventures of one of the best teams in comicdom continue! Are you hot or cold towards The Nth Metal Man?

  • Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2: Lex vs The Infected: whoever wins, we lose.

From DC and beyond, what brand new comics (single issues, trades, OGNs, etc) are you looking forward to this week?

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Bought 24 comics
DC Universe. 10
DC Black Label. 2
DC Kids Novel 1
DC Wonder Comics. 1
DC Sandman. 2
DC Joe Hill Horror. 1
Marvel. 3
Other. 4

Will Enjoy (3)

Batman: Curse of the White Knight

Fantastic Four Marvel

Wonder Twins

Not Read Series Yet Waiting for More Issues / Time to Read Slowly (11)

Basketful of Heads Joe Hill

Dejah Thoris John Carter of Mars

Detective Comics

Excalibur X men

Far Sector Green Lantern


John Constantine: Hellblazer…

Marauders X men

Metal Men

The Old Guard:Force Mutiplied

Once & Future

Hopefull (7)

Batman Tynion

Books of Magic

Green Lantern: Legacy DC Kids

Justice League: Hell Arisen Tynion

Shazam Geoft Johns

Superman First part good then abruptly end to go to outer space Bendis

Wonder Woman Start of 5G

Uneven (0)

Not Easy to Understand (0)

Dislike Arc Intensely (1)


Much Worse than Peak of Series (2)

Batgirl terrible reviews

Red Hood and the Outlaws Dislike kids art plot


Wife grabbed them for me today so not sure of the entire load, but she grabbed 2nd to last copy of WW 750


I picked up:
Wonder Woman #750
Batman #87

I also picked up the Batman 100 page Giant #2 that’s been out for a little while.

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Superman was good this week. The space end didn’t do much for it though.

I join Turok in the intense dislike of Batman/Superman.


I had a bunch of stuff I had to do so I couldn’t get out to my comic shops - probably won’t get out until Friday.

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My bet is that The Designer is a Batman ‘66 villain. The people in on it are all ‘66 guys. Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler. Even odds on Egghead or Bookworm.


Speaking of Batman TV shows, I dug Batman #87’s reference to Riddler’s first appearance on BTAS.

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Batman: Curse of the White Knight
Detective Comics
Family Tree
Far Sector
Wonder Twins
John Constantine: Hellblazer


Finally made it to the stores. Here was my haul…

Detective #1019
Metal Men #4
Far Sector #3
Wonder Twins #11
Lois Lane #7
Shazam! #10
PLUS: Two back issues of the current Catwoman series.

Marvel: 6 titles

Once and Future #6

Super Catchy by Rick Veitch (from 2016)

EDIT: I forgot all about Wonder Woman #750 and didn’t grab one. I just called and the only one left was a blank sketch variant so that is sitting in my box to be picked up next week.


Marauders #6
Excalibur #6
Wonder Woman #750
Superman #19
Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Batman #87

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