New Comics for 1/1/20: What'd Ya Get?


Happy New Year, new decade and New Comics Day (so much newness)!

What brand new comics are you picking up this week to ring in the new year/decade with?


Detective Comics
Martian Manhunter
The Terrifics
Lois Lane
DIAL H for Hero

And I didn’t go last week, so I picked up:
Bettie Page Unbound
East of West ( final issue, what a series! )

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How’s the new 'Tec? I was tempted to get it, as I’ve been off of Detective for a while, but I passed for now.

Books of Magic
The Terrifics

Will Enjoy
Dual H for Heroes
Justice League Dark
Lois Lane

Harley Quinn

Action Comics Not terrible
Batgitl Not terrible any more
The Flash

Not Easy to Understand
The Dreaming

Much Worse than Peak
Detective Comics
Martian Manhunter Art
Red Hood and the Outlaws


Haven’t read it yet. The series under Tomasi has had mixed results. Which is surprising, because I usually enjoy his work.



Nothing Outstanding in Tomasi run

Most issues I can’t even remember what issue was about a couple of hours after reading which doesn’t happen for me with any other title.

And he has pulled that King trick of finding out that the previous issue was a hallucination.

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@McEddard and @TurokSonOfStone1950, I agree that Tomasi’s 'Tec has been mixed at best. The Mrs. Freeze stuff looked mildly interesting as it came out, but I’ll catch up with it in trade.

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Haven’t picked them up yet but picking up
Action Comics
Detective Comics
Harley Quinn
Lois Lane
Martian Manhunter
And maybe Criminal Insanity


Woo, another Lois Lane reader! :+1:

I’m always happy to see people reading the best Superman comic of the moment. :grinning:


Indeed. It’s in my top five for DC books right now.

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Welcome to the community, @GothamClerk359! :smiley: It sounds like you’re going to have quite the haul. And, as @Vroom said, I’m loving your choices here.

You have quite the list ahead of you too, @TurokSonOfStone1950! :open_mouth:


Thank you @ZatannaAndHerSpells This is actually my first post since I joined only a few weeks ago! It’s quite the haul but I like them all for the most part. A couple of them I’ve been back and forth on but I’ll stick with them.


X-men #4
Marauders #4
Detective Comics #1018

Edit: Action Comics #1018 <-- Super Messy
Edit 2: Thor #1 <-- Really interesting, too early to decide how I feel though.

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Lois Lane #7 — This continues to be the book of my dreams. Wish there was a little more Vic, but I’m happy to see Renee. And she’s a Letterkenny fan!

Justice League Dark #18 — Love how all the plots Tynion has been seeding since the first issue are all coming together now. Very excited to see how it plays out. Also: DRAKUL KARFANG, FROM JLA: LEAGUE OF ONE! WHAT A PULL!

Action Comics #1018 — I loved everything about this issue except for the actual Legion of Doom fight. Love to see Clark being Clark.

Star Wars #1 — Charles Soule is still the modern king of Star Wars. This series is going to be a treat.

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Why, I remember the days when Charles Soule was working for DC. Back in the Long, Long Ago…

I’m indebted to Greg Rucka for two things:

A. The Lois Lane mini
2. Exposing me to Letterkenny via the above series.

As do I, but Soule’s Star Wars work is much better. He’s where he belongs.