new comics coming to DC universe

I understand if they are rethinking comics but for more comics I would pay few dollars more for more content video and comics if that is what it would take

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I really do check two or three times daily digging deep to see if there’s anything new. for some reason something is different today but they didn’t announce it.

it’s not much but then again I’m probably just delusional but I thought at the very beginning I saw some additional volumes

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You’re not imagining it, Don-El. Issues are added without announcement.

Yesterday only issues #1-3 were available for Justice League 2011. Today, issues #15-17 are now available.


I never know anymore I wish they had just added section


It actually looks like every book that has ever been on the service has been added back…or at least you can see the covers. It says “Book not available” where the download link would appear.

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I knew the selection was going to be smaller and curated compared to marvel unlimited but so far I’m been extremely disappointed in how little of a book is on here . The lack of updates and sometimes randomness of the issues also is frustrating.

More subscribers is the solution. They need to continue to crank out new exclusive live-action content


I really want more I love DC and would love more comics

I have kind of given up on the comic books section. I figured it would take a couple of months for the curated section to get sorted out but at this point I am disappointed every time I check the comic section of DC Universe and the last update was basically them saying these things take time.

I’m just mad I preordered for a year.

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If you bought a year, you got bonus months added on. Presumably because of the setup phase we are in now. They have talked about changes coming in January.

I know I got 3 extra months but 3 months of lackluster service is not good and I didn’t expect Marvel Unlimited but I still had expectations that there would be more runs and better communication.

I get that it takes a while to get the kinks out but originally they said DC library would be available in October. It’s December 14th. The lack of communication is terrible and I’ve been patient about things but it’s now getting ridiculous.

Thank you for the feedback, @Davidbizzarr1000, and everyone who posted. We appreciate it, be it positive or negative, and always encourage suggestions, especially when it comes to improving areas, or adding new content you’d like to see (please feel free to share specifics if you’d like). Please stay tuned for what’s to come regarding the Comics section :slight_smile:


Thank you @missinkblot I would like new section or recently add I don’t want comics removed unless it’s like a spacial like limited time you can read the new Shazam for 2 weeks I understand u have to make money

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