New comic releases for 2/6/19: what's your poison (aka choice)?

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What’s cookin’ in your kitchen this week for the latest and greatest new releases?

My top picks:
-Young Justice #2
-Adventures of the Super Sons #7
-Female Furies #1
-The Green Lantern #4
-Justice League #17

The Wonder Woman by Simonson and Ordway trade will be a hoopla pick-up.

What are you anticipating this week?


None of the DC Comics I am buying on Wednesday particularly excite me:, Not just feeling it.

Adv Super Sons
Curse of Brimstone
Female Furies
Green Lantern
Justice League
Young Justice

Much more excited by my three Marvels

Asgardiians of the Galaxies
Uncanny X-men ( Cyclops returns)

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Wow, an aside, JL Odyssey appears about to wrap up in a quick ending, with most of the rest of Metal-related stuff to follow.

Me, I’m planning on:

ARCHIE 702 ( the intriguing Archie / Sabrina romance continues under Nick Spencer’s prodding)

Maybe Green Lantern #4 ( starting to suspiciously feel like another corrupt cop show with Hal being the over the top drunk with power amoral space cop)

PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #6 ( when will I learn?)

WALKING DEAD #188 ( for at least a couple more issues anyway)

Young Justice #2

Old lady Harley! I didn’t think I’d like it but the humor in it is awesome ! Everyone’s old and Lobo in this one omg ! It’s toooo funny :diamonds::black_joker:

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Oh crud that came out last week…man I’m behind LOL !! :diamonds::black_joker:

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This week’s pulls for yours truly!

Justice League #17
Young Justice #2
Batman #64

Unfortunately can’t do anything more from DC for the time being unless I swap out any of the titles for something else.

No Indies this week and 1 Marvel book in the form of Daredevil #1.

Young. Justice. Cassie, Tim, Bart and Conner. We even got Conner with his 90s style and I just have never been so happy. DC done me proud. Everyone has that team that they love and first remember reading. Just this.

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Just YJ #2 this week for me. I normally wait for trades.

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FYI, I dropped JL because I don’t have a lot of time for DCU plus that. BUT! I will be buying the trades

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Did you get the first volume of Justice League? It’s a good 'un!

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I will get Female Furies and try if I like it.

I’m on the fence about Young Justice. Might give it one more chance.

I have dropped the others for various reasons.

I might pick up some old silver age comics to have more to read.


Probably just going with Young Justice this week.

I’m jumping off Batman while the Flash crossover is happening, and I’m going to trade wait Female Furies.

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I’m right there with you @darwinawardjudge. But other than Young Justice, I might pick up Female Furies, because the concept sounds interesting.

I’m so happy people are gravitating to Young Justice. It’s one of my Top Five books with only one issue ATM. Can’t wait for #2 and to see where the series goes.


The Green Lantern (baffles me why this runs getting so much hate). Also VERY excited for Man & Superman.

I will probably do Young Justice.

Can we not buy comics from the site?

Doom Patrol (every issue on here, read em all.). Incredible read. Morrison’s run was unreal. Much love for Gerard Way, Bob Haney. From the silver to post crisis. Suggest it all.
Geoff Johns Lantern run.
52 is divine. Donna Troy restoring timeline in place of Harbinger @ the end of the issues, which are great. Then goes to characters origins @ end of issues when that’s over.
Batman is tough to miss on. All star, Rebirth. All of them really.
Supergirls were great. Again, all of them.
WW Rucka & sorry again, but all of them.
Some choice Supermans.
Swamp Thing.
All the Aquamans.
Right now, it’s really hard to read a bad one. Johns’ lantern run, & all the Doom Patrols, are definitely up there for my favorites. So many more I can’t mentally grasp right now too.