New Comic Issue Cover Overlays Have Debuted!


It looks like this was a stealth launch (I didn’t see an announcement for it, at least), so I may be the first person to notice it, but new overlays have appeared on the comic issue covers all over the DC Universe Infinite site. Now, whenever you hover over a comic issue cover, a line of buttons pops up, giving you the options to copy the link to your clipboard, go to the series page and, most importantly, add the issue to a list! Yes, you can now add issues to a custom list directly from a series or collection page without having to open each issue page individually! I’ve wanted this feature for sooooooooo long. It’s going to make creating lists so much easier. Thank you so much for adding it! Two big thumbs up, DCUI!

(Yes, I am easily excited.)


Nice update

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Oh, that’s a pretty neat functionality!

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