New Comic Books for January 7 and 8., 2020

What I bought at Comixology

Bought 22 comics
DC Universe. 8
DC Sandman. 1
DC Kids Young Adult. 2
DC Joe Hill Horror. 2
Marvel. 6
Other. 3

Will Enjoy

Buffy the Vampire
Gideon Falls Lemire
Red Sonja Mark Russell
Young Justice Bendis


Not Read Series Yet Waiting for More Issues / Time to Read Slowly

Daphne Byrne Hortor
The Dollhouse Family Horror
Excalibur X Men
Fallen Angels X Men
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy
New Mutants X Men
X-Force X Men


Batman New Writer Tynion
Diana Princess of the Amazons (Diana is 11 years old)
Star 1 Marvel Great Reviews
Wonder Woman Warbringer (teenager in Man’s World based on good novel)


Batman and the Outsiders
Gotham City Monsters 5 of 6
Strikeforce Marvel.Team

Not Easy to Understand

House of Whispers

Dislike Arc Intensely -: Infected

Hawkman great art some reviews liked

Supergirl mixed reviews great

new writer her second issue

hard to write chatacter
when in crossover
and turned from hero ito villain

Much Worse than Peak of Series

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