New Black Label Books

I’m enjoying all the Black Label books currently going, but I’m pretty hyped for the new Harley Quinn book and the Joe Hill “Hill House” horror imprint upcoming, and the just announced two books from Jeff Lemire: a Joker book and The Question book. Anyone else reading any BL books or looking forward to any of these upcoming books? :four_leaf_clover:

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Bought the last last knight on earth, haven’t read it yet. Really hyped for The Last God, looks interesting.


I can’t afford them, so I just draw wangs on Batman in my old comics


@biff_pow, yeah it’s definitely a challenge considering there’s only 4 DC “Universe” books I don’t have pulled🍀

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I’m really excited for the new Question book, and I’ll read that as it comes out, but most of the other Black Label books I’ll just read on ComiXology when the whole thing’s out. I did that with Batman: Damned.

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