New Batman game

So whats up with the new batman game and what do you think it will be about?

Where did you hear that there was gonna be a new one? If so, I hope it’s about Knightfall or Court of Owls.

Rocksteady’s secret game is coming soon based on job descriptions they are getting ready for marketing. We know it is not Superman but it is from one of their top tier franchises. So probably new Arkham game since that is all they have.

My semi-educated guess is it’ll be announced this summer, and come out late 2021.


I’ve had reason to believe it’s in development
also just because the have stopped making the arkham series doesnt mean they are going to stop making one of the most anticipated and money grabbing franchises in gaming


Why not a Superman game? They specifically said in an interview that they’d love to take on the challenge and would definitely accept it if the opportunity came knocking. Now, did you see or read something different?


Nevermind. I just now came across the Sefton Hill tweet. SOB! It better not be another Batman game.

There are rumors and speculations for two different games. All the “Arkham 2019”, Arkham Crisis, and Court of Owls info is referencing the game WB Montreal is making. And Rocksteady is working on another game based on a different character or franchise. My unfounded hope is for a Swamp Thing game.

All the articles that link Rocksteady to Arkham 2019 (thus far) are misinterpreting the rumors and leaks.

Also, I’m hoping for an April reveal of Arkham 2019. That’s when Arkham Origins was revealed and it released later that year.

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