New Batman Game

What do you fell needs to be done with the new Batman game to give it new life? Should they keep the riddle side quests?

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They should keep the Riddler side quests. At this point, they’re classics, and really the only worthwhile way to put a “brain teaser” into this game.

If there’s one thing I would do to change up the game a little bit, I would make it possible to play as other members of the Bat family. Not sure if that’s an option in Arkham Knight, but I was really bummed when I finished Arkham City and found out I could only swap between Bats and Catwoman.

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I think the developers should take some notes from the recent insomniac Spider-Man game. Add life to Gotham. All of the past arkham games have had the city quarantined. I understand that it was part of the story lines, as to why all civilians were evacuated, but add them I’m there and have petty crimes happen regularly.

Add player choice as well. If you end up having to save Selina over one of your bat-fam, then show the repercussions and force the player to live with the choice.

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I don’t really see any room for innovation. The combat is great. The gadget set changes with each game already, so on some level we can say that the always puzzles get refreshened. I just hope they borrow from Arkham Knight, keep the challenges and races (keep the bat mobile). Maybe I’d really like to see more game time as the bat family in the core storyline without dlc, and I would be down to be in the batwing.

Also we need more Ivy.

Idk how the Batmobile gameplay was for you, but I hear that it had the tendency of crashing the game, on top of being a real pain in the rear at times. If I were to get the new game, I’d prefer if the Batmobile stuff was kept to a minimum. Driving it around Gotham would be fun, but having an overwhelming amount of Batmobile challenges would probably detract from my enjoyment of the game.

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I can certainly enjoy your perspective, but for me, I became an instant master of the batmobile and it was absolutely not annoying for me gameplay wise, it was very fun.

I had the game on Xbox One and it never crashed or glitched (Some people would complain about frame drops during world loading but I think that’s just a given when it comes to open world games). I did hear that on Steam that the game was incredibly crashy and glitchy until they patched the crap out of it. I heard that it was everything, not particularly the Batmobile.

I loved the races, the vehicular combat, the bumper cars missions, and the vehicle puzzles and skill sections. Certainly added to my enjoyment of the Bat feeling, than detracted. But if you didn’t get to enjoy the game because the car stuff was frustrating, or broke your game, I totally understand.

But I got no mercy for PC master racers. I say let them suffer.


Rip me, I guess. Not that I consider myself a “PC master race” disciple, but I’m really hesitant to spend money on a pricey console, so I play my literal handful of games on my PC :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:

In all seriousness though, I’m glad to know Arkham Knight was an enjoyable game that worked out it’s bugs. Cause I had heard stories that made it seem like it was a miracle that people’s games didn’t burst into flames :joy: :joy:

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The riddler side quests are fun and add a challenge to the game outside of the main missions so I wouldn’t mind if they stayed. I love Arkham Knight (the whole series in fact) and cant think of anything they should do to make the game even better. What they can do is look at recent super hero game “Spider-Man” and take ideas from that i.e. Traversing the world, combat system and improve on that. Whatever they’re working on, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Excited for the new gen Batman game!! :batman_hv_1:


For me all the Arkham series games were ahead of its time, i mean look you had Mark Hammel “aka Luke Skywalker” as the iconic voice of the joker in all the games except i think in Arkham origins, and in my opinion i don’t think there’s anyone else who can voice the joker better than Mark Hammel. Oh, and he was also the jokers voice in “the killing joke” personal favorite movie for me. Now back to the games, you gotta keep the riddler challenges and side missions to, i found the batmobile was easy to navigate on my xbox one, didn’t try it on any other console though. Also if they do make another batman game I’d love to maybe be able to fly the batwing, also they would need to incorporate somehow the batman who laughs, just a great new version of a jokerized batman/villain. Would also like to see the court of owls" make an appearance if not maybe be what the games storyline is about. Just my thoughts.