New Batman Adventures

I remember watching Batman TAS when I was a teen, and it was really awesome, but somehow I had never heard of The New Batman Adventures until it was added on here. I have to say, I’m very pleasantly surprised! It’s more intense than I expected, and the storylines are pretty great. How did I miss this?

I’ve watched most of the series on here now. Old Wounds might be my favorite episode so far, but I haven’t been disappointed with any of it, really.


I remember watching it on Kids WB during my childhood. It’s my favorite season of Batman The Animated Series. My favorite episode is over the edge. It looks even more amazing in HD. I wasn’t able to get the Blu Ray Of Batman TAS before it got sold out. I’m glad the streaming service added the whole series in HD for us to enjoy.


I decided to read some of the trivia about it on IMDb, and I had to laugh. It said that fans often refer to it as the “red sky” seasons because the sky is almost always red in these episodes. I laughed because that was something I had noticed on my own and wondered about! :joy:

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