New Batman Adventure?

Where’s the new Batman adventures aka BTAS season 4, and subzero? Are they waiting for the HD release of the whole series for it?

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I’m confused as well. The New Batman Adventures were a part of the DVD volumes back in '05. And the 24 episodes were also with Batman: The Animated Series when it was on Amazon Prime, prior to the launch of the DCU app. Really confusing as to why it’s not available. Some of my favorite episodes are on that season.

Probably because TNBA isn’t technically part of the classic BTAS. Stupid reason, i know, but it is what it is.

Could be holding it over to release later, possible as a seperate series. Given the finite amount of DC shows (especially ones regarded as highly as the batman animated series) it would make sense not to drop everything on at once, they don’t want people watching everything in a month or two and saying “that’s it… I have seen everything, unsubscribe”.

Well I have an answer. I reached out to customer support and just asked why it isn’t available and this was the response:

"Thanks for reaching out.

The New Adventures episodes, whilst canonically a part of the same story, was produced with a slightly different team, and therefore operates under a separate license and title when procuring for a new broadcast or distribution.

We do intend to add as many DC titles as possible and want to ensure users can enjoy as many of the best DC stories as soon as possible!


Niall M.
DC Universe Customer Support"

So I guess it’s a license issue. Not what I thought it was. But hopefully it will be added soon. I have no clue who holds the rights currently for streaming/broadcasting. Hopefully when that license is up DCU will grab that.

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