New Arrowverse Characters

Which characters would you like to see come on and join the arrowverse? There are many options and many seeds that have been planted. Who have you been dying to see?

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I’d like to see Green Lantern and Nightwing. They’ve been hinted at for years I’d love to finally see it pay off


Blue beetle since they name drop Kord so many times but would also like to see Harley Quinn and nightwing or batgirl as oracle


I would love to see either version of Superboy on Supergirl (either Conner or Jon). There is some amount of set up for it already done. You could have Jon show up either through time travel or from Argo. Conner could also come about through Leviathan next season or some leftover Cadmus/Lex Luthor experiment.


For a potential new show, I’d say Green Lantern. He’s had hints drop, I love Barry and Hal team ups in the comics, and I think an air base/space port setting, police procedural type show could work. Hal’s universe comes with plenty of drama and big, fun cross-overs. I also like a lot of his supporting cast, especially Carol.

For a guest appearance, I think Superboy would be a lot of fun on Supergirl. Conner definitely has the Cadmus/Luthor connection as well as a contrasting personality to Kara, so I think he’d be more interesting for the show. Jon would be cute though.

Green Lantern,. Nightwing,. Booster Gold