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Hear ye, hear ye!

Everyone loves a deal and DCU and the kind folks at Warner Brothers have decided to let me offer a deal for all new and existing members of the service.

Do you have a monthly subscription? Are you new to the service but would love to subscribe and check out Doom Patrol and all our other fantastic original and classic content including Titans season 1?

From right now until 4/1 you can get a yearly subscription to DCU with a 20% saving using promo code BAT80harleypDCU.

Enjoy this limited offer and feel free to pass the code onto friends and family. Let’s expand the universe and share the love of all things DC.




Is there a way to renew our subscriptions if we already have paid for an annual sub? I preordered back before the service even launched and 20% off doesn’t sound to bad if I can use it!


@jm902, let me check into that for you!


Thank you!


Does this deal work even if you already have a subscription?

It appears to work if you have a monthly subscription and Applejack is looking into if people with annual subscriptions can also benefit from it.

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It’s true! Sent an e-mail to the folks who generated the account, and they should get back to me by tomorrow morning. Watches second hand tick on clock


(That’s Wednesday morning, for those who are reading this not in real time ;p )


Thank you so much for looking into it!

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How exactly do I do this? Do I log out then add the code? Or do I drop my service and register again?


Hi friends!
Got word back from the Powers That Be. While you cannot refresh existing accounts with this deal, you CAN open a 2nd account in your household. Perhaps something for a friend or family member? Food for thought!


@mannysaccount, this is intended for new subscribers, but as I mentioned above (I could have folded this into one comment, but where’s the fun in that) you can create a secondary account in your household. Hope that helps!


Thank you for looking into that Applejack!


Could I delete my current account and set up a new one with the same email in order to get this deal?


This is cool, but it’d be nice if we could add it to already existing accounts and new ones. Also, is DC Universe coming to PlayStation anytime soon, bc that’d be real great


@flashischristian they’re working on it and additional apps.

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Using Chrome on desktop I can’t apply the code. I get a javascript error that prevents it from being used. "

“TypeError: Cannot read property ‘apply’ of undefined” in libs.js line 51270

Oddly the coupon code does work in Microsoft Edge.

4th wall break!!! The DC Universe Subscription is way different in the 18th dimension a lot different. But cool Ambush Bug is everywhere

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