New Arkham Game

Is there going to be a new Arkham game. The answer is probably yes. Judging from what people have said so far. It will be set in the past, the court of owls is the main villain, and joker won’t be as important. Rocksteady said that it would be the last game. I hope that’s not true because the series is great.

Akrham Knight was Rocksteady’s last Batman game. WB handed the franchise over to WB Montreal. Whether or not another Batman Arkham game gets made is up to them. Rocksteady is currently working on something else.

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Why would you put a spoiler tag for a question and an old rumor? There are a couple of different rumors regarding Rocksteady’s next game.

The spoiler tag and title made it seem like there’s finally confirmed info. Don’t be doing that!

My mistake