New Animation Style

The new DC animated movies desperately need a better art style. The stories are fine, but the art is not the best to look at. Maybe the year one style, or Gotham knight, or under the red hood can be used


I think it’s too late to make drastic changes now. It would be akin to using the designs from WB/CW’s The Batman in the DCAU’s Justice League.

In a perfect world, this line of films would have used something like the Under the Red Hood art style from the start.

I agree we need a change in style. I’d love for the looks of these animated features to be more dynamic.

@AlexanderKnox: You cite DCAU as a precedent. But they changed the designs dramatically between BTAS and The New Batman Adventures! It can be done.

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I wouldn’t call those changes drastic. They were both clearly designs by Bruce Timm. I certainly think they can tweak the designs for these animated films, but they shouldn’t outright abandon them. Maybe they could do a shift comparable to the changes between Superman TAS and Superman: Doomsday.