New Age of Heroes Discussion

Does anyone read the new age of heroes?

I personally think that some of the new heroes created are amazing. The guest stars really kicked off the comics well.

Do you have a favorite? Why?

What was done well? What could be better?


I was just about to create a thread about the NAH. The ones I was reading I loved them and I’m pretty shocked that a lot of them are getting canceled. Some of my favorites are Immortal Men, Silencer, Sideways, Damage, and Curse of Brimstone. How about yourself?

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I really enjoy this line. I’ve read everything but The Curse of Brimstone and that was due to the iffy art in the first few issues. I’m curious to read the latest ish with Doctor Fate.


@KingXcel I really like Damage and The Terrifics. Sideways is my favorite and I’m sad that it’s ending. The last Damage was really great with superman.


Wait some of the new age of heroes are being cancelled? I’m fairly new to comics and have damage on my pull list, bought sideways, silencer, and terrifics graphic novels and enjoyed those as well.

@SMELIO55 Sideways and Brimstone are being wrapped up.

That first encounter and fight between brimestone and dr fate was epic!

@Smelio55, The Unexpected is ending too.

I’m always headed into my local shop whenever I see a Damage release. Breaking it down to bare bones damage is a simple character but I’m a sucker for the team-ups and encounters. High hopes they don’t cancel damage I’d love to see him on the big screen one day even though you can sort of call him a cheap knock off of hulk.

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I see Damage as an extreme version of Hourman, what with the time stamp on how long his abilities last. He is a cool character.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sideways joins the Teen Titans. It’s an obvious fit plus the TT are where other teen heroes have gone when their solo gig ends (Jaime Reyes BB in pre-New 52 TT for one example).

@Vroom I’m not a fan of the art in Curse of Brimstone either. I think better art would’ve done more justice for what was an interesting story. @Adamantine I can actually see Sideways becoming more mainstream if they market him right.

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Silencer is my favorite of the new age of heroes titles. Hope that boom sticks around a long while. Am also reading Damage. Liked immortal Men. Fell of of Sideways and Brimstone.


@KingXcel, it was Philip Tan on art for Brimstone when it started, right? His art is very hit and miss. When it’s good, it’s great but when it’s bad, it just looks messy and muddy.

I agree, a better, consistant artist would have helped, but who knows? Maybe Tan was the best option editorial had when putting the line together and scheduling things. Sometimes you have to just accept what you have and hope for the best in matters like those.

dang that sucks if i had more funds i definitely would have liked to add sideways to my pull list sad to hear some of these are being cancelled

@Vroom Yeah it was Tan. This is the third title I’ve seen his name on and didn’t like the art. I guess it’s time to stop chancing it with him.

Didn’t he do some of New Super-Man too? There’s one cover or panel in that series that made me think “yeesh!”. I’m no Rembrandt myself but for a paid, professional to have art like that is surprising.

Oh well. Maybe he had a deadline and had to let his work go as is. I know the feeling.