New Age of Heroes Cancellations

Why are many of the New Age Hero comics being canceled? Most of them were excellent and the best ones are being cancelled.

Well I suspect they are not selling well main reason they cancel any of them

That’s the obvious reason. I guess my question should have been how do other fans of the comics feel about the cancellations? I was hoping an admin would answer my original question.

Which ones are being cancelled?

I’m disappointed by the cancellations to be honest since I tend to really like the more fringe type titles over the more standard superhero fare. I just find them to be better written in most cases.


The Immortal Men allegedly ended because Tynion didn’t have time for it. Sideways is ending “for now” so it sounds like he’ll be back at some point in some title. New Challengers ended when it was supposed to since it was a mini. The Curse of Brimstone and The Unexpected are most likely because of sales numbers.

I think Damage, The Silencer and The Terrifics are safe.


I’ve only recently gotten back into comics again myself, I was saving all the New Age stuff for when I was done with my stacks of more important reads. I just finished Dark knights metal. I was sort of interested in the idea of new DC heroes but honestly most of them did seem like “Marvel rip offs”. Sideways=Spiderman, Damage=Hulk, Terrific s= Fantastic Four

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@RagdollRebel if you read them you’ll see that their not rip offs. Read Immortal Men and The Silencer you might appreciate them more. @Vroom I think they didn’t do a great job of promoting the titles. It should’ve been more promotion behind them because they could’ve been big moving forward for a new generation of DC fans. Some great stories and characters that may never get another run.

@JasonTodd428 I agree! It seems the stories are always better.

Its pretty simple,no one is buying them.