New Adventures

When they announced new shows coming to DCU, I read, “New Adventures of Batman,” and my mind immediately went to the 1977 series. When it turned out to be New Batman Adventures from the 90s or so, I was momentarily disappointed, but BTAS was so good, so I’m sure this will be great, too.

And to be honest, Bat Mite kinda ruins New Adventures of Batman for me anyway, so I’m not TOO disappointed. :joy:

This is what I was thinking. Quite a difference!

Trying to add the image again. Some reason it’s not been working for me.


I had forgotten how annoying Batmite was even as a kid until I saw resaw the New Adventures on here

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That cartoon is on here also at

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The New Batman Adventures is great. The New Adventures of Batman is pretty good.

It is on here

“And me!! Bat-mite!!”

I watched an episode of it and seems average. Probably better for my 7 year old self lol

Oh wow, I didn’t realize both series were on here. Crazy!

While the live action series on here, while good are somewhat hindered by the fact the best live action shows DC has had are recent ones that are therefor off the table to be on here it seems. The Animated Series on this app are a really good assortment. Legion of Super Heroes kind of sticks out as it was not really a highly praised show, and the Max Fleisher cartoons while great shorts are in the public domain so they are everywhere, but the rest are some of the best animated DC shows that have come out in their long history with animation, made even more impressive with The Batman coming out this week. No criticism for the animated shows on here.

The Fleischer Brothers Superman shorts here are the remastered by WB versions so thank goodness for that. The thumbnail for them is also the artwork from the late '00’s individual DVD release of those shorts by WB.

Alot of the public domain versions are pretty crummy looking, but the ones here appear to be in HD, or are at least very high quality SD transfers.