New 52 Superman/Wonder Woman Romance

During the New 52, Superman and Wonder Woman were a couple and a’lot of people didn’t like it. To me, I guess it made sense on paper. I guess people hated it because how hard it is to make two strong iconic characters that are in a romantic relationship equal to each other. Does that make sense? What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman dating or not?


I am not a fan of the Wonder Woman & Superman pairing. I think they do come off as equal, and the way they played it in movies seemed like a good and healthy relationship that actually made sense and kept them in character. I still can’t get into it, though, and it rubs me the wrong way.

My problem is two-fold:

For one, it doesn’t make sense with the strong history Superman has with Lois Lane, and it seems weird for a story to overlook or ignore that relationship. I see Superman and Wonder Woman together and I can’t help thinking I’m seeing Superman cheat on Lois.

The relationship is also hard to get into for me because it feels like just another instance of “the token female character HAS to pair off with SOMEONE.” Like Superman and Batman can’t be ‘just friends’ and colleagues with her, and maybe show people how to appreciate talented women professionally and without sexualizing/romanticizing them.


I like the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman dating/being more than that in the decades prior to him revealing his identity to and marrying Lois, let alone the onset of The New 52.

During The New 52, I was fine with it too. That was a new continuity, and as such that Superman was free to be with whomever.

Colleagues in similar lines of work do occasionally fall in love, so I was in on two of The Best being involved with one another.

That said, I will always say that Lois is Clark’s one true love. Continuities may change things up, but overall it’s always about Lois.


This idea was very briefly explored early in the post-Crisis era, but by the time the New 52 arrived, Lois and Clark had been engaged/married for two decades, so I was not interested in seeing Clark in a relationship with Diana. I’m not a fan of the “superheroes can’t be married” idea in general, and the Kents’ marriage is far more interesting than the short-term “Power Couple” relationship that replaced it after Flashpoint. (It’s all your fault, Barry!)

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I am mixed on this one. I think the way it ended in New 52 was very lackluster. Initially, I didn’t like it but it felt right as the stories went deeper. Interestingly, just around the time I was warming up on it the relationship dissolved.

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Yeah, it always been Lois and Clark for me

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I didn’t particularly mind it at the time, but I do prefer him with Lois. I think it’s part of the appeal of his character, that he loves and is married to a normal human, rather than another god-like figure like him. It makes him seem more like he’s actually a part of the world, rather than totally an alien.


I’m not a fan of it. That said, that Superman/Wonder Woman series was alright.