New 52 Reccomendations

I know that the New 52 reboot was…well, let’s just say it had a mixed reception. Since I’m still relatively new to reading comics, I wanted to know if there were any stories that are still considered good.

To give an idea, I tend to lean more towards supernatural stuff like John Constantine and Swamp Thing. But Batman or anything related to him (Batgirl, Harley Quinn, or any stories focused on anyone with any connections to Batman) are also welcome

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Almost forgot, any Wonder Woman reccomendations would be GREAT!

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That main New 52 run of Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is amazing. It is one of the runs that got me fully into comics. I also enjoyed the Batman and Robin run by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

I haven’t read much of the supernatural stuff, so I don’t have anything to say on those ones.


Definitely check out Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman. Awesome writing and art. Start at the beginning with #1.


Demon Knights I highly recommend. It is set in Medieval Times Etrigan the Demon Madame Xanadu Shining Knight Vandal Savage and an Amazon are part of a Magnificent Seven tale of defending a town in the first arc.

Jeff Lemire did an arc in Justice League Dark which was very good.

I don’t remember these titles very well but many members here recommend Animal Man by Jeff Lemire, Swamp Thing by Scoty Snyder and I Vampire.

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It’s obviously a lot more than Batman, but the New 52 Justice League run is phenomenal. It starts off relatively simple, which is the point to entice new readers, but gets more complex as it goes on and culminates in the amazing Darkseid War arc

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E is great, as is Animal Man and Dial H.

Animal Man is the best run that The New 52 has to offer. Check it out!

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My initial thought for recommendations is, “Skip it,” but I did enjoy what I read of the Wonder Woman. It screws with her continuity, but it’s an entertaining tale.

Justice League Dark is good.

I enjoyed Talon.

Snyder’s Batman is often praised. I think it’s good. Most think it’s excellent.

Nightwing had good runs in nightwing and Grayson.

Some reading orders suggested reading New 52 from before Batman zero year and as someone who back then started with issue one with Batman I was just fine doing that instead. All the lead up isn’t essential in my mind… Just go with your favorite characters’ series which is how i will do it (since i didn’t finish that era last time)

l iked Tom Taylor"s work on Earth 2, beginning with Issue 17,

If you liked his work in Injustice, he is better here.


The situation is desperate. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman of this earth are dead, along with all Amazons, Lois Lane and Catwoman.

Helena Wayne and Power Girl have been transported to main Earth, in Worlds’ Finest Title, which is also great.

They were the only heroes of this world.

The newer heroes, young versions of Justice Society, Green Lantern, Flash and Hawkgirl, are inexperienced.

The World Army is helpless.

Darksaid has a new Superman, who might be resurrected from the old Superman, under his control.

The rich, who attempted to flee the planet in a spaceship, suffocated in space, when this Superman attacked the ship.

New characters take the lead:

Thomas Wayne, with Hourman’s powers and a gun, is the new Batman.

Lois Lane’s mind resides in Red Tornado.

Thomas frees three prisoners.

Jimmy Olson is Oracle, hacker of all the information n the world.

The Queen of Atlantis is Aquawoman.

There is a Krytonian who has never seen the sun, a Zod.

In a sense, this series uses versions of the oldest characters in the DC Universe, and uses them superbly.

Swamp Thing and Animal Man : <3 amazing.