New 52 Reading

Went back to my reading of new 52 that i started ages ago. Not a fan of era. Especially not how WW was handled. But definitely some fun books are here.
What do you guys think of the era?
Edit: Any book suggestions?

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Every era is the same. It has good and bad.


I do not care for the New 52 era. I much prefer the post-Infinite Crisis period before it and the Rebirth era after it.

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Not a fan also. It left me bitter for ending the, Teen Titans, Red Robin, and Stephanie Batgirl run. Plus I really don’t like what they did with Martian Manhunter or Barbara Batgirl.


After thinking it through I think it is very reasonable without New 52 I would have left this cite. I obviously came here for more of Frank Miller’s work, and after I read everything I had to look for more material to be worth the price.

I looked up a lsit of best Justice League Storylines, and I literally found all of them to be bad or underwhelming. I can still look up lists and honestly think I like nothing on here. I then found Throne of Atlantis, and I really enjoyed it. I decide to give Geoff Johns another shot after the disappointment from Flashpoint.

This lead to me reading and loving Green Lantern Rebirth, and regularly enjoying myself on more Green Lantern works, but to also finding JSA, and I have very much stayed for The Justice Society.

Agree about Green Lantern rebirth. I really enjoyed that and other runs like Detective Comics and Justice League Odyssey. Rebirth is defiantly a good progression from the New 52.

Like others have said, like most eras, it has it’s great books, it’s outright crap books, and the rest are somewhere in the middle.

My recommendations:

Action Comics by Grant Morrison (#1-18)

All-Star Western by Jimmy Palmiotti

Animal Man by Jeff Lemire

Aquaman – the whole series during the New 52 was pretty good but I would especially highlight Geoff Johns’ (#1-25), but the run by Jeff Parker (#26-40) is really good too. The Cullen Bunn run is probably the weakest but still decent, and Dan Abnett’s is good set up for his Rebirth run.

Batman by Scott Snyder

Batman & Robin by Peter Tomasi

Catwoman by Genevive Valentine (#35-46)

Demon Knights by Paul Cornell

Detective Comics by John Layman (#13-29) and Francis Manapul (#30-40)

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE

Gotham Academy by Brandon Fletcher, Becky Cloonan & Karl Kessel

Grayson by Tim Seeley and Tom King

Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire (#17-34)

Harley Quinn by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

I, Vampire by Joshua Hale Fialkov

Justice League by Geoff Johns

Justice League Dark

OMAC by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen

Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder

Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder (#1-18) and Charles Soule (#19-40)

The Flash by Francis Manapul (#1-25)

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