New 52 Reading Order

I’d like to start getting into comics through the New 52 but don’t know how exactly(I assume I’d start with Road to Flashpoint but that’s pretty much it). Can somebody please let me know of a reading order to go off of?


Any characters in particular or the whole gamut?

If you are planning to start with the new 52, You can start with the Justice League, is a semi-origin story, Aquaman,Green Lantern,Detective Comics,Action Comics are good books in that run.

@DCEC I’d like to read all of the most important, impactful stuff that carries over to Rebirth. I’d also like to read the really fun interesting stories for entertainment purposes. I’d like to read all of Rebirth after I finish New 52, or at least as much as possible.
(BTW, I’m a big Bat-Family fan and am also interested in JL Dark)

I’ve been using this site to help me navigate the New 52 up to Rebirth. It hasn’t been 100% perfect, but it was better than going in blind in confused the first time I tried to read.

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Here’s a link to a comprehensive list of New 52 titles (possibly not mobile-friendly).

Also note that between New 52 and Rebirth, there was “DC You,” which is really just a continuation of New 52.

If this list seems overwhelming, just follow the characters that interest you, like the Bat Family (including Grayson).

Other commonly recommended titles include:

  • Swamp Thing
  • Animal Man
  • Action Comics
  • Dial H
  • I, Vampire
  • Demon Knights
  • Gotham Academy

That should be enough to get you started. Happy reading!

Does anyone know any other reading orders that won’t take as long?

The unfortunate thing about the New 52 is that a lot of the stories interconnect. To get the full story, you have to read most, if not all of it. It’s not ideal, and it means you have to sit through a lot of uninteresting stories like New 52 Static and OMAC.

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I would recommend just starting with rebirth. I have a reading order somewhere in the forums that i’ll bump up. The problem with New 52 is that its very event heavy and most of the series aren’t all that good. There’s a lot of series that are produced each month. At start 52 series! SO there’s a lot of quantity over quality.

Here it is! Rebirth is better because its more recent way better! Many of these runs are still going on which means you can buy future issues if you want and get caught up.

Read Flashpoint, then Justice League volume one. Justice League was the very first (and among the last) New 52 series.

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From Road to Flashpoint, I’d dive straight into Flashpoint. Once you’ve read Flashpoint you can decide if you want to read any of the world building tie ins like The World of Batman, The World of Superman, etc. (Comic book herald has all the tie ins listed on their website in volumes rather than single issues if you want to check that out, just search for Flashpoint Comics Reading Order). Once you feel like you’ve got a pretty good understanding of the world of Flashpoint, I’d recommend you head straight for Justice League, as, in my opinion, that’s going to give you the most information on what’s going on with the most characters. I’d recommend using Justice League as a jumping off point for deciding on what characters you’re interested in. I hope that helps!!

I can relate but the difference is I have comics from the 90’s it wasn’t until 2017 when I purchased them again. And I gotta tell yah it’s taken me awhile to get back into the groove of reading and I didn’t realize how much has changed. Let’s just say I’m still playing catch up :sweat:

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Start with Flashpoint.

Read Demon Knights and All Star Western to get the history of the DCU before superheroes.

Read Batman Zero Year and the associated tie ins from the other series.

Read the first volume of Morrison’s Action Comics.

Read the first Volume of Superman/Batman.

Read all the zero issues of the various titles.

Read the first volume of Justice League.

Read the first (and only) volume of Team 7.

After this you can more or less go trade by trade, reading all the first volumes of the initial series, followed by all the second volumes etc until you get to Rebirth. You’ll run into some weird continuity (especially in trade) because the events of some titles overlap (the first volume of both Batman and Nightwing for example) . The nice thing about DC’s trade program though is they include crossovers where they make the most sense (Aquaman and Justice League volume three both include the issues of the other title you need to make sense of Throne of Atlantis for instance).

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I’m undertaking the same quest and its daunting but with DC Universe adding so many back issues it seems doable and it won’t cost me a cent extra.

I started with Dial H #0 and am now moving on to Demon Knights #0-23. After that is I, Vampire and then Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE…

I’m getting the idea that there’s no one correct way to read these but I’m going to go with this order and it’ll take me months, if not years, but I feel like when I’m done I’ll finally have a solid understanding of the DC Universe and the wide variety of characters and stories.


The Batman New 52 run that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo does is both important for understanding events like Dark Knights: Metal and entertaining the full way through. If you like good stories and also like the batfamily, I would recommend the first half of Batgirl’s New 52 title. It takes villains that aren’t known and uses them to weave a cohesive story about Barbara and her family. Halfway through they “revamp” her and have her move to burnside, and it gets less enjoyable unfortunately. I don’t think she uses a single batarang in the whole 25 or so issues after they change her.

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Here’s an incredibly detailed list for New 52 Reading Order. It lists 1,944 comic books, in order, to read for the New 52 event in chronological order of the events in the books. Thanks to the expansion of DC Universe’s comics section I believe all of these are now available for our consumption. This is the list I’m going off of and I hope to complete it…someday. It’ll be a fun journey for as long as it lasts and if I ever make it to the final issue what a feeling of accomplishment that will be!


@FelixLeiter Hey, I’m using that one too!

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@awesome_squid - Cool! How far along are you? Any characters books you really liked along the way?