new 52 reading group

About 10 years ago I went off to college and stopped reading comic books. Therefore now that more recent stuff has been added, i want to go back and read what I missed. Therefore, I am starting up a reading group for new 52 for who want to join me in this. I plan to do this reading by month instead of by book. This is due to crossovers and how I would have read these every month if I had kept going.,_November

First up November 2011 list above. Join me and let’s discuss comics :slight_smile:

Forgot to add I will add a new thread when I get to the next month list to keep everything organized.

First thoughts on Action Comics 1 - It was an interesting take to jump into the fact that the military wants to hunt superman down. Would have loved to see more back story though why they perceived Superman as a threat in the first place. It also shows off how much of a psychopath Lex Luther is since he didnt care who got hurt, as long as his goals were met.

I think, reading through everything in November is counter productive to the nature of reading comics after release. Try instead to choose a series every week.

I agree with Nathan Payson.

While monthly reading may help in getting crossovers, reading all the comics in a month, makes me forget what happened last month.

Trades help, with a complete storyline, but it may miss issues or not includes crossovers. To me, a trade is too much to read in one setting, especially those with 12 issues.

The library is single issue only, which is very flexible to any approach. I like it because i feel like i accomplished something, rather than one sixth of a trade.

I can even reread if i didnt understand everything.

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I like to do one story arc of any given character at a time (6-8 issues). This keeps the characters from getting stale to me. My attention span is horrible.

Even if you were dead set on calendar date November 2011 was three months in. New 52 started in September (well Justice League started in August but that was just one issue).

True but that website link listed it as November so.

I actually like reading everything a month at a time. I did it with Marvel Unlimited and didn’t get confused.