New 52 Nightwing

I’m working through New 52 right now, but Nightwing only has issues 1-15 and 17 on here. Does anyone know how many issues there are total in his New 52 run? I’ll just have to buy trades off amazon (if I can’t find a way to download them totally legally* lolol).

The New 52 Nightwing series ran for thirty one issues (#'s 0-30) and has one annual. That can all be found in five trades. The series is also currently being reprinted in the Walmart exclusive Batman 100 Page Giant anthology series.

In The New 52, Nightwing was also something of a pivotal character in the Forever Evil mini-series which can be found here in its entirety.

Hope that’s of assistance.


And the events of Forever Evil lead into Grayson, which is collected in full on DC Universe.


Perfect, thanks. I’ll just have to get my hands on a couple trades. :heart:

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