New 52 Batman Titles

All right, so Batman appears to be in A LOT of different titles during the New 52. Right now I’m reading just his regular series, and I will circle back around to read New 52 Batgirl and probably Catwoman as well.

Which Batman books that existed during the New 52 should I consider reading? Is “Batman Eternal” any good? Are there stories from “Detective Comics” worth checking out? Am I missing other Batman related series that are worth the read?

(Seriously, why the heck did DC have Batman be involved with so many series under the New 52?)


I thought Batman Eternal was a great series. And I’d definitely go with Detective Comics too.


Because he’s their most popular character. Batman always correlates with sales. It’s a safe bet.


Tony Daniel and John Layman’s runs on New 52 Detective are great. Daniel’s starts at #1, with Layman’s beginning around 13 or 14.

The New 52 Batman and Robin is great too. Pure Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason magic.

New 52 Batgirl is fun as well, and at its best before Babs moves to Burnside.

Just started going back to New 52 titles I missed. I started with Batman Zero Year events. fantastic art.

Batman and Robin Eternal is a satisfying read! Great exploration of the dynamic between Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian! Plus, the (re)introduction of Cassandra Cain)!