New 52 and where to start?

Been out of the game a while and I’m looking to start reading again. I would like to start right at the beginning of The New 52 story arc. Looking for suggestions on where to start time line wise. Thx

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Look at

Massive DC Rebirth Reading Order thread

By Nathan.Payson

Below in this forum

It has a picture of a lot of characters visible as you go downwards.

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The new 52 was great. Really got some great runs from it, and it did wonders for DC sales-wise when it first hit. Here are the best runs based on reviews, fan reception, and my personal favorites from New 52.

Batman by Scott Snyder
-This is a very well recieved run and one of the best Batman runs ever. Snyder gave us Court of Owls, Death of the Family, Zero Year and then Dark Nights Metal. Cementing him as one of my favorite writers at DC and check out his Batman Black Mirror story. Once you read his Batman run, go into Dark Nights Metal and then No Justice and then his 2018 Justice League run, all fantastic imo.

Justice League by Geoff Johns
The animated movies Justice League War and Throne of Altantis take a ton from this series. Very very good. Geoof Johns is another fan favorite. You see the origin of the JL and watch them face classic villains as well as some fairly new ones.

Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello
Really great series the art is so good. The art and the writing make it read like an old greek myth, at least thats my takeaway. Azzarello is a fan favorite and rightfully so, this is one of Wonder Womans all time best runs imo. And the Rebirth Wonder Woman by Rucka has also been fantastic.

Aquaman by Geoff Johns
Geoff Johns had an instant classic in his New 52 Aquaman run. He changed Aquaman for the better for a lot of fans. The Aquaman movie took a ton of influence from this run, really a great series. His Aquaman is an absolute badass and probably my favorite iteration of him in terms of character, I personally prefer the long haired and bearded Arthur though.

Demon Knights by Paul Cornell
-Etrigan! This series was a surprise hit and it was so good. There is a few really surprising cameos, this series goes deep into the magic and sorcery of DC. Its a very different series from DC’s major titles. But it was very good. And Venditti started to break his teeth in a little at the end, Venditti has been putting out great work recently at DC.

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
Geoff Johns on Green Lantern again? Yes please. Hes probably the greatest Green Lantern writer ever or one of them at least. His initial run on GL in 2005 is one of the best runs in DC history. It only makes sense for him to hold the reigns again for the New 52.

Action Comics by Grant Morrison and then Greg Pak.
-I think both writers did a great job with Superman. Morrison gives us a story of an earlier/younger Superman and its really good. I preferred this greatly to the new 52 main Superman title.

Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee
-A short series, really good creative team. Superman being a badass. Really amazing artwork and great action and story from Snyder. Jim Lee is an alltime great.

Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder and Animal Man by Jeff Lemire
-DC had a really good “supernatural” year with Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Both these writers really understand these characters and do them great justice. The reason I recommend both titles is because I think thats the better way to read them, together since it makes the crossovers a lot more satisfying.

Now these following series are technically not 2011 New 52 because they came a few years later but their before the 2016 Rebirth event.

Multiversity by Grant Morrison
Morrison going deep with the Multiverse. What more could you ask for? The Justice League Incarnate is a great team full of cool alternate versions of our beloved heroes and their out to protect the Multiverse as sort of a Multiverse Cosmic Police. Morrison is an alltime great.

Grayson by Tom King
I wouldnt read this until youve read the Convergence event from Justice League. Then I would read this absolutely fantastic series. Tom King really broke onto the scene with this series, most people hate when a character is changed this dramatically, but King made it work and made it work beautifully. He made Dick Grayson, Nightwing, into a James Bond type spy in the DC Universe. A really fun and exciting read.

The Omega Men by Tom King
-Grayson was a great intro to Tom King for many readers like myself, but the Omega Men is where he really went from being a new writer to maybe the best new writer at DC at the time. The Omega Men won several awards and its a really complex and riveting story. Its a scifi epic imo. With Grayson, The Omega Men, Vision, and Mister Miracle, King is one of my favorite writers of the decade.

Hope this helps.


Simplest answer:

Justice League #1. It’s literally the first New 52 comic.


I forgot Peter Tomasi’s Batman and Robin. Thats another great run, I really like how with Robin it really makes the series different from Snyders Batman title. Tomasi made Damian really likeable for a lot of people who didnt like him at first like myself.

I would personally start with the New 52 and then go into Rebirth but it really depends on your preference. I mean, they are both meant as starting places for new readers.

Rebirths best titles are Superman, Green Arrow, Red Hood and the Outlaws, SuperSons, Wonder Woman, Deathstroke, New Superman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan and the GLC, and a few others. In my opinion of course.

After Rebirth, some of these arent available on DCU yet because enough time hasnt passed yet or because their popular trades. I really recommend Mister Miracle by Tom King, The Terrifics by Lemire, Hawkman by Venditti, No Justice by Snyder, The Green Lantern by Morrison, Damage by Venditti.

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Sorry that i gave you rebirth rather than new 52.

Use Search button looks like magnifying glass.

Type new 52 Reading order.

There are some good hits there

One gives new 52 i think in timeline order Demon Knight and Westerns first. A very long list

Best to look at one with recommendation.

Some people like Batman Wonder Woman Jeff Lemire Animal Man Swamp Thing Grayson

I liked

Demon Knights
Frankenstein Agent of Shade
Earth 2
Worlds Finest

Aquaman is grear

Jeff Lemire Justice League Dark also

Anything by Jeff Lemire is good some say he was on green arrow

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Jeff Lemire is great! I also agree anything by him is top notch. When he hopped on Green Arrow in the New 52 around issue 17(I think), it really took that series to new heights. Animal Man was a lot of peoples favorite seires from the New 52. His recent stuff like The Terrifics has also been great.

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I recommend the horror titles of that era: Swamp Thing, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Justice League Dark, Animal Man, and I, Vampire. I didn’t always love the superhero stuff from the New 52 (although Azzarello’s Wonder Woman was phenomenal and Grant Morrison’s Action Comics was amazing) but the weirder, darker stuff was excellent.