New 52 and Rebirth

Is there continuity between New 52 and Rebirth? I know New 52 was a complete relaunch and retelling of the DC Universe, but after New 52, do the events and origins remain relevant in rebirth?


Short answer is yes.


Long answer…sorta.

New 52 was not a consistent reboot for every character. Batman and Green Lantern carried over most of the continuity from Morrison and Johns’ runs respectively and some characters (like Swamp Thing) retained elements from earlier stories.

Rebirth muddied the waters even further by bringing in some but not all of the continuity from post Crisis pre Flashpoint DC; notably the return of Wally resurrected the idea of the original sidekicks forming a Titans team but the origins of Raven and Cyborg no longer fit in so Wolfman and Perez’ NTT run is mostly out…though Deathstroke’s relationship with Terra remains canon.

In short its DC; its confusing. Embrace the confusion and just read any given story in the moment.


Thank you for the responses. I kinda figured continuity was a big issue with the DC Universe from my reading so far. I’m currently immersed in the New 52 series and loving it. I have certainly embraced the confusion and learned to accept things for what they are as I’ve branched off into many other series. I just wanted to know what is there for me after I’ve read all the New 52 content there is and after convergence. Rebirth seems like the most logical option as far as continuity goes.

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