New 52 and Rebirth Costumes

So I must have missed it but why did Superman and Batman go back to the “briefs” look? I liked the new 52 look personally.

Simple, it is easier to fight someone when they are distracted. The best way to do that is to dress with my underwear over my pants.

I once made Bane bust a gut laughing. I took advantage of this by shattering his spine like I was Hawkman. Another time I made Grundy so uncomfortable fighting me (I just ate a lot of tacos) that he just walked away.


I think the real world reason was bendis. he wanted superman’s trunks to come back, so he did. then I think batman going back to the trunks was just following the back to classic vibe that was happening in superman.

the in universe reason, to the best of knowledge, because of the emotional rollercoaster that was the wedding, batman wanted to have a completely different look so he wasn’t reminded about the event.
with superman, in the man of steel mini series Jon went with Jor-el and since he wasn’t the most sane person, Lois decided to go with them. Clark gave her his reborn suit to help protect her in space while he went back to his original suit since he didn’t actually need the extra protection the new suit provided.


Well Superman’s “Back-To-The-Briefs” look was (as stated above) - Sheer Bendis. As for Batman - perhaps he just went down the batpole the wrong way one day!

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