New 2021 Annuals – Which To Read, Which To Avoid

Hi all. I see next week will bring a ton of 2021 annuals to comic book shelves. Anyone have any recommendations on which ones look good, and which ones look like trouble? I’ve gotten a couple of the 2021 annuals from earlier this year. The Flash was a good one, even though it was tying up the story in the main title. Batman/Superman was another sweet one, with a nice flip ending to that story arc. The House of El made it’s return in the Action Comics annual I believe (I could be wrong). Finally, the Green Lantern annual was shocking - Jessica Cruz joins the Sinestro Corps! Whoa! So, any opinions on the next crop of annuals coming out? Batman looks fun, if only just to finish the Ghost Maker back story in the main title. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

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I’ve read the Action Comics and Green Lantern annuals, and really liked them both. I like the House of El stories, and the art is always very pretty. And I’m a big Jessica Cruz and Sinestro Corps fan. I feel like it would be interesting exploring Yellow Lanterns who aren’t evil or psychotic. There’s a lot of depth to be explored from using fear as a weapon. Every political system has to use some element of fear to keep people from breaking the laws. And Batman really would be the perfect Yellow Lantern, honestly.


Out of next week’s Annuals, I’m most jonesin’ for the Superman: Son of Kal-El and Nightwing entries.

Of course, the book I’m most jonesin’ for next week is Wonder Girl #5. In Yara We Trust.

As for recent Annuals worth a read, I’ll second @Green.Lantern’s recommendations of Action Comics and Green Lantern. The House of El is always interesting, while we can’t ever have enough of Jess, no matter her given Lantern color/corps of the moment.

The Action Annual didn’t do much for me. just like the rest of Johnson’s run. I dropped Green Lantern well before the Annual. The Suicide Squad was all right with the return of a Superboy villain. The Flash Annual was good. Batman/ Superman was the clear winner for me, no surprise as it was my favorite series.

I’m skipping the Batman Annual as I don’t care about Ghost-Maker. Also skipping Detective as I dropped that title as well. I don’t read the Joker, Wonder Woman or the Justice League Dark feature in Justice League, so those are out as well. I’m interested in seeing the stories in the Robin Annual about the various contestants. Nightwing was a coin flip because I really don’t like Jason Todd, but Taylor’s writing and a lack of purchases elsewhere got it on the pull list. Superman: Son of Kal-El will now be December 7th and I’m looking forward to it the most as Lex returns! I’m also looking forward to the Justice League Annual as that leads into the JLA/Legion series.


I didn’t care for the Action annual because it was future stuff, not related to the current series. Kara was still around but nobody else.

I liked the Green Lantern annual with Jessica Cruz as a Yellow Lantern.

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Jessica Cruz is a very special character to me, so I was pretty terrified by this new direction for her. But the Green Lantern 2021 Annual proved to be a really thoughtful exploration of the character, and embracing your imperfections as part of your identity.


Didn’t they try to make Batman a Yellow Lantern during the Sinestro Corps War, and he turned it down? lol