Never received my items

I redeemed my points in and never received my items. I had picked out both sets of pins from Harley and Stargirl.

Hey there,

I’m so sorry to hear that, but we’re looking into this now. We will most likely reach out to you tomorrow for more information :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was reading through a physical copy of Flash 761 and saw the DC shop stuff and thought hey my stuff never came in.

Morning @hotstufflouieb - Do you happen to have a confirmation email from back when you redeemed your points for the pins?

If you don’t have it that’s alright. So, from what I’ve been able to find out, the fulfillment of your order is by the previous operator of the DC Shop.

We are not affiliated with them and our current Shop Team does not have access to any information regarding purchases from the previous team. Looks like you’ll have to reach out to the previous Shop DC Entertainment team at

I hope this helps, keep up posted if you can please.