I don’t get why DC created this streaming service if they are going to have their flagship show on Netflix.

You misunderstood the news. Titans was sold to Netflix in the overseas markets like Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and such. They don’t have DC Universe and this is the only way foreign viewers can watch the shows. It’s not going to be available on Netflix U.S.

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I understand the news. Most likely they will do the same for young justice. I think they should have been better prepared. The first year most of their top shows will be on Netflix.

So I don’t get your issue. And better prepared for what? Netflix viewers internationally get to watch the show because DC Universe isn’t launching overseas and probably won’t anytime soon. Selling it to Netflix also helps recoup some of the costs to make the shows. CBS did the same thing with Star Trek Discovery.

Yea I bet if a lot of people knew Titans was going to air on Netflix they wouldn’t have bought this app. I know a few people that feel a lil scamed by DC

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So what if they had known? They still wouldn’t have been able to watch it on Netflix unless they leave the US. People outside the country don’t get the app service and so I don’t get the confusion and countless repeative posts about the same thing.

If people had knew that some of the shows will ne on Netflix then majority of the people wont have buy the subscription.

I feel like some people are still missing the finer points. The people who are going to be able to watch it on Netflix cant get the app because is wont be available in other countries and the people who can get the app wont be able to see it on Netflix because it will not be on Netflix if you live in America so the only way to see the show without the app if you live in America is to travel to another country every week to watch it

Titans is on Netflix in the INTERNATIONAL MARKET because that market doesn’t have access to the DC Universe service as yet. The AMERICAN MARKET is being handed by the DC Universe streaming service and NOT Netflix. (Sorry for the caps but there still isn’t a really good way to emphasize certain words in a post. I would have ordinarily have use BOLD to do that.)

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