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A place to crunch numbers, discuss timelines, consider geopolitical history, moan over biology, and all other kinds of fun stuff! Maybe even some deep theories (fan fic is a different thread, there is a difference).

Some topic starters:
What is the tensile force applied by Batman (1989)'s rope if it can’t lift Vicky Vale? Given the specs of the Batmobile and the map of Gotham from NML, how long does it take Batman to get to Arkham? Is Superman a plant if he gets his energy from the sun? Is the island of Thymscara capable of supporting enough agriculture for the population?

Am I taking this too seriously? Maybe. Am I enjoying myself? Yes.


In the distance, I can hear MattPat breathing heavily as he begins working on a brand new Comic Theory channel


I am glad you did make the thread!


@EDT , as a fan of his, Matt call me and we can put this channel together.

Okay, so according to the specs of the 1989 Batmobile I keep in a poster on my wall (from the release, it glows in the dark. I love that thing), it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The maximum velocity is listed as unknown but further research shows that it is 530km/hr. Convert everything into km/hr becuase it’s the superior system, assume initially the car is at rest and acceleration is constant until max velocity, and you get…

Screenshot 2023-11-10 165629
I’m not going to explain any of that because I doubt anyone cares. Bottom line, if the distance between Arkham and the bat-cave can be found in km, it can be plugged into that last equation and solving for x will give the amount of time it takes Batman to get to Arkham. Enter, No Man’s Land.

A map, with a scale, and both Arkham and Wayne Manor are marked along with roads.

At this point, tragedy struck. My calipers were out of batteries. Measuring isn’t happening tonight unless someone does it for me (just measure the distance of the scale and the distance of the roads to get to Arkham). So this will be continued, some future Bat-time same bat-channel.

In the meantime, give me any two locations that I can calculate the distance between and I’ll plug it into the equation.

(Since you mentioned Matpat I’m actually debating sharing a theory I have about the Wayne Murders based on the fact they were headed in the complete opposite direction of their house. That’s a crazy one. A lot of math was done for that one too.)


(Also, don’t feel like you have to do research and do integration to be a part of the thread. I’m insane.)


Back in my days, long before you read comics on computer, I love it that you get a subscription from a comic ads, pick the book you want to get by mail each month.
It was fun getting The Batman Adventures in the mail each month til the tip of comic cover from top or bottom rips, then I had to go to the store to buy a fresh new issue til subscription end.:frowning:
What’s nice about these digital comic is, there’s no pages rips and it’s enjoyable to read. However I do miss the ads and letters to the editor of comic series, it would’ve been fun to read those. Along with them commenting a fan’s letter. :grinning:


I brought the weaker rope that day. I was in a rush to save my girlfriend.

Too long.

We all get our energy from the sun, but probably, as one of his superpowers is he can absorb the sunlight from plants to recharge himself.

No, they eat a lot of fish.



Follow up, is their diet varied enough to be healthy in that case?


OOC: How the world would be different with superheroes and all the stuff in comic books.

Professional sports is dead. In a world with these guys nobody will care about seeing what Aaron Donald can do.

Racism is replaced with human nationalism. I have doubts this is actually better, as KKK like organizations are now slaughtering suspected martians and other aliens.

With the constant giant monster attacks the economy is really bad. Most people are not saving money, and the real estate being destroyed and the lack of insurance companies would ruin even billionaires.

Gotham City would love Batman. The rest of the world would have no idea he exists.

The Justice Society would easily surpass every other superhero team in popularity.


No, they eat nothing but protean. To quote Sheldon they are beefy gals.


On the other hand, history has shown that wars help the economies’ of large countries so if the government under Luthor/Waller started treating the fight against metas as a war then suddenly they might lower inflation and unemployment.


Not when the actual industry is being destroyed.

It gives the economy a boost of spending. It does not create more resources, and when it drags on on for decades and decades all that is gone.

It really only helps when we are the away team. Just look at the US and British economies after World War II. Both won, but the British economy was in ruins due to a longer war and being bombed and blockaded for years.

That is why such a major part of the typical winning strategy in wars is to declare war on the supply lines and ideally conqueror the industrial heartland/resource centers.


I know, I’m saying that a war in space on Darkseid, Imperix, etc probably is pretty good for the economy so long no damage to earth. Also, fighting supervillains that don’t cause a lot of damage. This is especially good if you can recover resources: alien tech, villain research, etc.

Take Mr Freeze. Hire people to take him on, hire people to make thermal gear, he just freezes stuff so after it all melts there is minimal damage, get his multimillion dollar research.

There’s a bunch of flaws but my point is that if you were in the right business you could profit big time and it wouldn’t be too hard for someone like Luthor or Waller to make some money off fighting villains.


@TheBatgirlofNML where did you get that pic of cass I have never seen the comic


My profile pic? It was a commission. There is more on it in my profile.


So I did an approximation and I think that whoever came up with the specs on that car must be crazy because, accounting for turns and overestimating everything, it would take him 2 minutes to drive to Arkham. That’s a little over 15 miles in 2 minutes. I mean, safety factor of three still puts that at 6 minutes which isn’t too bad but is still pretty fast for zooming through Gotham traffic.