Neptune's Beard!

What am I missing? I made a thread yesterday (unknown if others posted a similar one before mine) while someone today posted a thread similar to mine in which they received a response whereas I did not. This is why threads should be consolidated, so there might not be potential favoritism. What gives?

Hi abfgmsw, I am sorry we missed your thread. I can assure you the mods are completely impartial and we do not have favorites.

I do like the idea of consolidating threads and I will bring this to our team for review. Thank you for the awesome suggestion :slight_smile:

Probably just a matter of timing, but it’s great that someone gave a response in a similar thread. The conversation has begun. Go join in.


Since most people don’t know me, I am being over-dramatic here. While some of it is true, most of it (about 85%) is exaggerated. The thread I made just asked about video expirations, and there was an answer, so that is all that is important.

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