Neptune's beard I'm excited for Young Justice!!!

Who else is pumped for season 3?! Finally finished season 2 and it’s got me so hype. What was some of your favorite moments of seasons 1 and 2 and who’s your favorite character arcs so far? And prepared to be whelmed DCU this is going to be big!


I’m excited for season three, but I hope they stay focused and avoid too many romance story lines. I get really tired of my favorite books and shows pandering to a female audience.

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@The_BATMAN_Who_LAUGHS, I hope you can join us Friday for the Watch-Along! It’d be great to hear what you think.

@johnmarco.27061, I’ve met a male or two in my time who had a weakness for romance, and a lady or 20 in my time who did not. Did you know that statistically speaking, men are quicker to fall in love and slower to fall out of love?
Interestingly, it was a male author who altered Peter Parker’s journey to one of romance with Mary Jane based on his personal talents for writing romance novels. You will also find some of the most time-honored stories are steeped in romance and driven by love, or loss of love. Romance is human, and defies gender.

This is my way of saying BRING ON BABS & DICK!


I’m all for the romance stuff and I’m a dude.

Highly anticipating Friday! I’m staying up late to watch it as soon as it goes live. I hadn’t yet heard of the WaL but I will be there. I mean, hello Megan!


Oh yeah I’ve been want this for a long time. I know its possible so one thing I hope we see is the return of Kid Flash. That was a sad note to the end of season 2. And I am seriously interested in exactly what Savage and Darkseid are planning if that story line continues (and I think It will). As for the "romances… I enjoyed those and YES I am a guy LOL It gave you some thing else to wonder about. You could be tooning in to see just waht the “light” and the “reach” wer up to and at the same time finding out if Conner and Megan patched things up, Was Artemis still giving Wally a hard time, Was anything heating up between Nightwing and Zatanna? Hey they were all teenagers by the end of season two so those super powers may have been around for a wgile bu by THAT time those Raging Hormones had kicked din as well. LOL

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It’s so hard for me to pick one, I’ll lay out a short list but I could list all day
Blue Beetle
Queen Bee
Artemis Crock
Miss M
Future People
Black Canary
Red Tornado
Bumble Bee
Wonder girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)

I’ll stop there for now

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Anyone reading the prelude comic

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Yeppers! It was interesting. Psimon’s a fun character.


Yeah he is.

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Applejack, that makes perfect sense. I fall hard & fast every time. My 1st serious relationship was the only one I broke off & she was perfect, I was just young. Since then, I’ve told every gf I’ve had, as soon as we started dating that if we break up it will be you cuz I won’t do it. Every time they say no way & I’m 100% so far. Idk that statistic but it all adds up for me.

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Applejack if I get out of work in time I am so there for the watch along never done one before and this would be a dope one to participate in. Also YAAAASSSSSS PLEASE PLEASE can we get a Babs and Dick showmance that’s the otp for sure. But I do agree a little although I don’t mind the romance it can be a little overwhelming so maybe do it in a semi subtle way. Lol

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Speaking of Dick, I was a little disappointed when Nightwing stepped down for a sabbatical without even really saying why. Hope it’s temporary as I, too, would love to see Batgirl and Nightwing “team-up.” So looking forward to this, they really know how to bring the whole DC Universe into the show. Just hope they are planning a season 4.

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IMHO, I think the romance and deep storylines are what set Young Justice apart from other shows. I mean, romance appeals to all genders. Not just girls. So, anyways, super excited for the next three episodes.