Negative Man's Cook Book, Week 5: Wonder Woman's Natural Soda Pop

Week 5 and I’m late again! That last episode of Doom Patrol really was great. The whole show raised the bar with all the wonderful talent on screen. Speaking of “wonderful”, Wonder Woman Paradise pop! Cause who needs Soder Cola?! There aren’t any actual measurements of how much Carbonated Water you need or how much regular water you need to add to the juice carbonate, so you may have to do some taste testing! If you want my advice half and half usually does the trick.

Straight from the pages of “DC Comics Super Healthy Cookbook”, released October, 1981…
"Food You Need:
1 can of frozen fruit Juice concentrate
Carbonated water(Like Mineral water, club soda, or seltzer)

Tools You Need:
Small bowel
Large bottle

  1. In a bowl, use fork to male paste out of juice concentrate, add a little water
  2. When it’s thin enough to be poured, pour in a bottle. Use Funnel if necessary.
  3. Add Soda water, tip bottle and pour in slowly"

Note: So the labels will be down below for if you want that “Official” Paradise Pop branding on what ever bottle of your choosing. There is only Orange and Grapefruit, most flavors should work with the other ingredients, you just wont have the branding…

That’s it for this week! Make sure to share pictures if you decide to make these! Tell any stories if you have them. Leave any ideas for next week’s cookbook recipe!


Get your Grapefruit here!


Get your Orange Here!


I will very likely try this. It sounds refreshing and quite tasty.



brb, gonna adopt children so I can show them this


Yum yummy! I already drink natural soda & am stoked to give this a go!

This sounds extremely refreshing, @Mr.marooned! I’m definitely going to try it!

One small bowel.


Sounds good!

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