Negative Man's Cook Book, Week 12: Perry White's Great Caesar's Salad(Plus an extra recipe!)

Week 12! Been a while folks! Personal stuff along with finals coming up have kept me away from the forms, but at least Ive been able to keep up with Doom Patrol! It keeps blowing my mind! And it looks like next week we are getting the HERO OF THE BEACH himself! You know what can help you with maintaining that muscle mystery? A Salad! “Great Caesars ghost!”-Perry White

Straight from the pages of “DC Comics Super Healthy Cookbook”, released October, 1981…
"Food you need:
One or more of the following
Romaine lettuce
Iceberg lettuce
Bibb or Boston lettuce
Raw spinach escarole
(use about 1 cup per person)
Also choose any of the following.
Mushrooms, Cherry tomatoes, Avocado, Cucumber, Sprouts, Carrots

Tools You Need:
Cutting board
Paring Knife
Salad bowel

  1. Tear off amount of lettuce needed. Wash each leaf
  2. Place washed lettuce in colander
  3. Wash and cut up others vegetables to be added.
  4. Rip lettuce into bite size pieces, place in bowel. Add cut-up vegetables
  5. Before serving, pour on ¼ or more of salad dressing. Mix well
  6. To make “Daily Planets”, Cut cherry tomato in half, insert slice of cucumber, hold together with toothpicks

Though a salad is also kinda boring a bit, needs something to go along with this! and since I haven’t been here on time check the comments for not just one, but two extra recipes to go along with this Great Caesar’s Salad!!!


Batman And Robin’s Secret Salad Dressing

!!!The ingredients for each are in the picture!!!

For Batman’s dressing

  1. Put everything into a jar
  2. Cover and Shake well
  3. Use ½cup or less of dressing for a family size salad. Store rest in refrigerator

For Robin’s Dressing

  1. Peel the Glove of Garlic and piece of ginger
  2. Put all ingredients into jar, close the lid tight, shake well
  3. Pour on Salad. Use ½ cup or less for large salad. When pouring do not let garlic or ginger fall into salad!


Should I eat the toothpicks?

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Yum yum yum!!!

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Don’t eat the toothpicks! Lol

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