Need some clarification on Day of Vengeance

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So I FINALLY finished my last tie-in (Day of Vengeance) before I start Infinite Crisis.

My only question is in regards to the Spectre. Can someone please explain what his motives were. I understood why he thought killing all magic was the right answer but where did it start. They said Eclipso got into his head and persuaded him but was that really it?? It just seemed so…drastic?? Is there another mini series I should read if I wanted to get to the bottom of it? Or is this one of those things where thats just the plot and “it is what it is” for the sake of the story.

Nonetheless, this was a great read. I liked it way more than I thought I would. Ragman is soo cool and definitely underrated. And I enjoyed seeing pre-flashpoint Enchantress. I like this adaptation more because it’s not just June running around screaming bloody murder cuz she’s afraid Enchantress will come out lol

Yeah, this was one of (in my opinion) the better two Infinite Crisis tie-in minis along with Villains United. I think the answer to your question might be somewhere in Green Lantern: Rebirth, actually. I haven’t read that myself (forgot to check it out before I read Johns’ GL run and never got back to it), but my understanding is that the Spectre had stopped using Hal Jordan as a host, and so no longer had a human conscience to guide him. That’s what made him so easy for Eclipso to manipulate. That thread gets wrapped up (quickly) in Infinite Crisis, though I think that resolution actually picks up threads from Gotham Central.

Infinite Crisis is this massive impenetrable tangle of a bunch of different plot threads that probably weren’t originally intended to tie together, and so is really hard to follow because of this kind of stuff.


yeah I’m confused now lmaoo

So these threads…do they all get explained through Infinite Crisis? And what did you mean by resolution in Gotham?? I think I understand overall what you’re saying lol

I’m rereading the 1990s Spectre series now and even with a human host (Jim Corrigan at the time) he’s pretty single minded in his views and motivations. Removing the human conscience (in this case Hal Jordan) takes away any doubts about his actions or a willingness to find a better way to resolve problems than straight up destruction.


Yeah, Infinite Crisis mostly makes sense on its own, it’s just a lot of plots from other series are resolved in Infinite Crisis, including one from the series Gotham Central (which was about the Gotham City Police). The way that that is resolved relates to the way the Spectre’s plot is resolved, even though they didn’t really have anything to do with one another before Infinite Crisis.


ahhhh I see, thank you again!

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and thanks Mrmiracle, I guess I was just thinking he couldn’t be THAT narrowminded but okay lmaoo What you said makes a lot of sense after reading it through.

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