Need More Green Lantern Comics

As a hardcore Green lantern fan, I feel really dissapointed of the amount of Green Lantern comics this service has to offer. I wanted to start reading Geoff Johns Rebirth maybe until new 52 and there is barely 10 comics. Hope this gets addressed, im not feeling happy about this service at the moment.


Same. I’ve actually read all the GL stuff since Geoff Johns’ rebirth and it’s fantastic! Fingers crossed we both get our wish because I’d love to go thru it again.

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@meaniehed, your absolutely right. Its beyond great, hopefully more Green Lantern comics will be added, becuase right now this has become a Batman service

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Need more Everything.

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Yea hopefully they out full runs of like mark waid flash Geoff John’s gl cause no casuls are looking for that there looking for newer stuff so throw it on u got nothing to lose

I agree, I’m sure they are coming.

I’m pretty hopeful for October. There’s a header when browsing all the comics available that says the full DC Comics digital library will be available in October. The only part that concerns me is the phrase “available for purchase”. I thought the libraries would be included in the service.


Agree the lack of Green Lantern content is a tad disappointing. I am also a diehard GL fan and was hoping to see more of the great Geoff Johns run. I think since the service launched on Batman Day then the opening weeks will probably be more Batman themed so once that’s over they will probably add more stuff. If you haven’t read the Geoff Johns run of GL you’re in for a real treat. It goes all the way up to GL #21 from New 52. I’ve got the whole collection in paperback and I go back to it every once in a while just to revel in the awesome epic he created along with the gorgeous artwork. Definitely one of the best runs I’ve ever read in comics!

Please more green lantern comics

They definitely need to add more GL issues from Geoff’s run. Also I really hope they eventually add GLTAS & the GL movie.

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