Need Joker 1989 Jack Nicholson figure

I’ve been looking for a few years and no luck. Anyone have any idea on if there’s ever been a 6-7 inch 1989 Jack Nicholson, Joker figure? Would like to finish the set I’ve been working on.



None so far. The only Nicholson Joker figures I know of are:

-Toy Biz Joker (which looks nothing like Nicholson)
-Sky Escape and Knock Out Jokers from The Dark Knight Collection by Kenner (good likenesses, inaccurate outfits)
-Hot Toys regular and mime outfit Jokers

JN asks for alot of money for his likeness rights for Joker merch, so most companies tend to avoid figures of his Joker. Hot Toys swung it by absorbing it into the prices of each figure they made.

I’d love to see a Four Horsemen sculpted JN Joker by Mattel or a Neca rendition of him. Both ideally.


Thanks @Vroom. I’ve found the Hot Toys ones and they are super expensive. I may eventually buy a matching set of Hot Toys’ 89 Batman & Joker. But would love to avoid that.
I would love to see a Neca or SHFiguarts.


You’re welcome. Speaking of import figures, I’ve never bought anythinh from SH Figuarts or figures from other import brands. If they do characters that don’t already have dozens of versions from other companies (like a JN Joker) I might look into them someday.